I Got 99 Problems But The Blog Ain’t One

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I planned to write a Sun Neptune poem to complement this lovely Monet for you guys a few days ago, but life has thrown me a few curve balls. Some have been nasty. Now that Mercury is direct, I think the time is right for a brief update. On the same day that I discovered my friend / neighbor had suddenly and tragically passed away, I received some upsetting news from my doctor.  A few days later I went on a job interview. The following day, I started my new job. Boom, boom, boom. This kind of pattern has occurred in my life once before. Unexpected death, sudden job change. I know the circumstances are different, but to say I feel overwhelmed is insufficient somehow. The word overwhelming is underwhelming in this case. Can someone suggest a better adjective?

I may blog about the health issue; perhaps when it is behind me. I just want you lovely people to know that I may have to take a brief hiatus. I love love love blogging , yet I have been warned that when life gets too busy, my motivation may wane. Is this hiatus business contagious? A few of my bloggettes have receded into a non- blog state of being this winter. I may be joining them. I am just not sure. I will make an announcement if I take a break. This I promise you.

I need some time to collect myself and adjust to this new reality  that I have just entered. It is a mixture of grief, giddiness, sadness, fear, and excitement. The job is amazingly awesome and ridiculously demanding, so I don’t know which end is up. I have been slightly sleep deprived, anxious, and confused – recipe for Pisces pie. Have you tasted it? It is fishy, mushy, and topped with a flaky pastry crust.

I think of you often and hope you forgive my lack of reading, liking, and commenting. It has been sporadic at best because I simply lack the energy. It is comforting to know that creative magic in the form of imaginative, heartfelt posts awaits in my reader. The world continues to bubble with passion and juiciness while I work to regain my footing.

Pisces, it’s all about the footing……..


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37 thoughts on “I Got 99 Problems But The Blog Ain’t One

  1. Linda sending you much love and hope you time recouping your energy is bringing you more strength.. Sending you my thoughts over the air waves.. I hope you are resting and healing well… love and blessings your way.. xxx Sue


  2. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie

    I’m optimistic about the positives I find in your sentence, “It is a mixture of grief, giddiness, sadness, fear, and excitement.” Take the time you need to find your balance!


  3. Fran Wilcox

    hi Lnda….there will be light at the end of the tunnel…lets walk it together…two candles in the dark make for more light!


  4. Congratulations for a new job and may your healing/recovery be smooth. It is a skill in this western world of ours not to do too much and to respect one´s own inner knowing. I´ll miss your wonderful, inspiring presence, but we are connected on the “innernet” (a positive Piscean theme those connections being so real, hehee). Deelia with Love ~~~~~~

    PS. I love the Monet.


  5. Consolations and felicitations – I find that funereal rituals play a great part in bringing closure when someone dear has passed – the embalming and dressing of the corpse, the flower and garland offerings, the prayers and reminders of the eternity of the soul beyond the body – finally in India the finality of the cremation, the gathering of the ashes and pouring them into the holy Ganges at Haridwar (Gate of God), the twelfth day end of mourning when through a ritual fire the soul is finally ‘handed over’ to waiting ancestors, to join them drifting away, then the ritual of colour when mourning attire is put away and colourful clothes attired followed by a feast of wine and simple food to celebrate the departed ones sojourn on the physical plane with bouquets of flowers everywhere –

    A friend recently met everyone at a wedding, next day was feted at a school function in his honour, duly garlanded, made a speech and drove a 100 miles home to die in a horrific accident. another friend went to his post funereal sitting, joined another wedding and returned home to celebrate his marriages anniversary with family with wine and favourite fish and prawn for dinner, then went to his bedroom quietly and fell to the floor with a fatal brain haemorrhage – all in the matter of a week

    sigh – after the rituals were over – we all felt better.


  6. You are not alone, I am here with you, though we’re far apart, You’re always in my heart, and you are not alone. Angel of Spring brigs energy to you and my love is bathing you in a colourful bubbles of light! Love to feel your smile :-).


  7. Very sorry to hear the loss of a friend, and will send healing energy your way, and prayers. On the positive YEA! Congrats on the new great job. Happy for you. I have been super duper busy with school and overwhelmed but it’s all good. Love you and keeping you in my thoughts!


  8. I think you may be Uranusized (better word than overwhelmed). So sorry for the passing of your friend and a health issue. E-mail me if you want to talk about it, but I understand if you don’t. Congrats on the job! Astrology?


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