Monet 1874 ~ A Slice of Time

Hello litebeings!

Welcome to all the new followers and thank you for witnessing my journey. You are now “official” litebeings.  No strings attached. Just breathe and be you.

I am doing well today, the ” I” being my physical body. I have plenty to say, but my drafts need more time for refinement and digestion.  And yet, I want to share something now.  So I considered that Spring is twinkling on my part of the planet and Monet’s art is such a representation of Spring. Here are a few pieces completed in 1874. Why 1874 you ask?

Why not

zaandam-the-dike.jpg!Large (1)sunset-on-the-siene.jpg!Largethe-allee-du-champ-de-foire-at-argenteuil.jpg!Largethe-railway-bridge-at-argenteuil-1.jpg!Largegeese-in-the-creek.jpg!Large

Wishing you iridescent goodness wherever you find yourself in this slice of time.

image credits ~, public domain

7 thoughts on “Monet 1874 ~ A Slice of Time

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I have always adored Monet, since I was about 14. I went to an exhibit in NYC once in my 30s. I just sat in the middle of the room and felt all the colors. Could hardly bring myself to get up and leave.
    So glad you feel good today.

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    1. Hi Mary,

      Was that the Metropolitan museum? I went there a couple years ago for the first time and was excited by all the Monets and other impressionists. It is all about the colors, I agree!

      Thank you for your steady concern for me and my wellbeing. I take little for granted these days.


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