Astrological Forecast

Thank you Dayna for the stunning review of your astrological forecast session with me that I gifted as part of an exchange. It was my pleasure to offer you this reading.

A side-note for my readers: A forecast differs from a natal chart interpretation. It generally includes the interpretation of major planetary transits to the natal chart and interpretation of the solar return chart, and/ progressed natal chart. All planets, asteroids, and arabic parts etc., always remain stationary in one’s natal ( birth) chart. They do move and progress over time and this is reflected in one’s solar return and progressed charts. Dayna did such a beautiful job reflecting how her yearly forecast may impact her journey.

Please learn more about my services here or contact me to schedule a session.

Living Life in Between

I wanted to share with you all the forecast I received from Litebeing (Linda) not long ago. She did an excellent job and I am so very grateful to her for her insights and wonderful explanation of everything.  I highly recommend her! Thanks so much Linda!

Some members of my Walk-in group on FB have been discussing astrology and how the walk-in manifests in one’s chart. There has been mention of YODs being a significant indicator of a walk-in as well as the planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. During my next solar return I just happen to have a YOD in my chart. This in combination with the three planets listed above and the fact that my guidance has already told me to expect major changes during my 40th year has me thinking everything is lining up for a walk-in-type event for me. We’ll see I guess.

Astrological Forecast Notes

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