Art is My Medicine

If I could go to an Art healer, perhaps my health issues would evaporate. But in the meantime, my new book on Gustav Klimt is salve for my wounds. This book is just what the doctor ordered, figuratively speaking.

Did you know Klimt is a mosaic artist? Now I know, and my heart sings with glee. Mosaics delight me in a way my brain cannot comprehend. I am currently delighting in Klimt’s landscape series. He was influenced by Seurat to a degree. You know Seurat, the master of pointillism and my favorite painter. Here are some of Klimt’s landscapes. Go ahead and dive right in. The water is fine!





Perhaps I will eventually compose my post on the Barnes Foundation. But please take your medicine in the interim. Neptune insists that we do so now. Love is my religion and art is my medicine. A spoonful is never enough, and no sugar is needed to help the medicine go down.


image credits:, public domain

34 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine

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    1. Hello and thanks for commenting. A few weeks ago a dear friend sent me a book on Klimt. I discovered all this work that was new to me and quite exquisite. It took on a life of its own.


  3. Thank you for sharing Klimt’s beautiful creations Linda.. Have you tried completing your own mosaic art of any kind Linda?…
    I suppose the nearest I ever came to creating mosaic art was in the village I grew up in.. We would all help create the Well Dressings.. These were all made from flower petals and as children our job was to to fill in the boarders, we were not allowed to help create the main picture..
    The petals were pressed into wet clay.. I will see if I can find a picture for you . Love Sue

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    1. I love this photo, thank you! I have not tried mosaics myself, but hope to make that happen. Art is such a joy to create and enjoy. Your village sounds magical to me.
      xoxox Linda


      1. Glad it arrived LOL.. Yes Art is creative and Joyful Linda. You can google it Stoney Middleton Well Dressings.. You can find the images back to 1999.. I left the village in 75 .. 🙂 but its still home and where my deceased Aunt Lived all her life she was my Dad’s sister and they were all born and bred and lived there.. It is a magical place.. with a unique church which is featured here above in the picture.. xx

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  4. Hi Linda — Thanks for sharing this fascinating and intriguing style of art. I can see why you are healed and filled up by this “mosaic” art. One can get “lost” or “found” in it. We’ve got the big one — the seventh Pluto-Uranus square coming right up. I think this is “their” last chance to start WWIII and “they’re” pulling out all the stops. After the Equinox, I’ve heard, the energies will be more harmonic and not so conducive to conflict. Let’s keep our hearts light and our minds happy and keep taking our “medicine”, of course, in whatever form one prefers. Love to you Dear Lady, Alia

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    1. Hi Alia,
      Thank you for your lovely commentary. The art I showcased by Klimt are not his mosaics, but his interest in mosaics informed his work. Perhaps I will blog on mosaics soon. I fell in love with his lesser known landscapes that remind me a bit of Seurat’s work with pointillism. I like how the whole is comprised on subtle parts that produce light, like our multiverse. 😉 Hope the energy scape shifts soon. This has been painful for me and just too much. Love to you, Linda

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      1. Wow! The last time I made couscous was at my sister’s in Tacoma for my family. I had Tomas photograph the steps. I may make a couscous in pictures DIY post one of these days. We had to make some American adjustments and substitutions but they all worked and the final result was very edible. Yum!


      2. I mentioned the couscous because I dreamt about it after our online dialogue here. Have not tasted it in ages. I enjoy Moroccan food but no place close by and I am not an adventuous cook. I thought perhaps I was visiting you astrally.. :). A diy post would be great

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      3. I think you did visit astrally. Ironically, my Moroccan landlady who taught me how to make couscous, came to visit me in a dream the other night and spoke to me in English — she only speaks French and Arabic. It was such a sweet dream and I think she is wondering where I am. We return on the 7th of April. blessings, Alia

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      4. Very cool dream! I have had several dreams either including bloggers or inspired by them symbolically! I am very smitten with Morocco so it is no surprise that your relocating there has sparked my
        interest further for this magical, beautiful place.

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  5. Those paintings display great art. Klimt is obviously with that inner eye and it is this quality which allows him create such canvases.

    I also wish you great success with your new book.



  6. Dear Linda,
    These paintings are beautiful salves for the soul, and soft and gentle on the eyes.
    I was just saying recently how art is one of my medicines. Pointillism is fun to do, too! Sun/Neptune conjunction is a nice vibe, thanks for your pretty post. Sending you soft and gentle healing wishes, Xo Ka


    1. Hi Ka,
      Did you say that on your blog? Maybe I picked that phrase up from you 🙂 Glad this art brings you joy. I have not tried the technique myself, but I so enjoy its magic.
      Thanks for the healing, xoxo Linda

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      1. Hi Linda,
        Say, I didn’t have it written on my blog – as far as I know, I was talking to my mom about it. Welcome 🙂 and it’s neat how we transfer things through our thoughts and words. Love, Ka

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    1. Hey Jamie,
      That is very interesting about Sunflower. They are among my fav flowers. I am very drawn to them. I figure it is because my chart ruler is in Leo or their amazing shape and texture.



    1. Hi Monika, thanks for visiting and enjoying the view. I love my new book that a friend sent me yesterday. Learning about the lives of artists is fascinating. I am relishing his less famous works.

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