Answer the Call

I am in love with this video. It is a rap ascension video. Yes, you read this right! It is like no-thing I have ever heard.  It latched onto my heart and my soul grinned in agreement. Then he mentioned being a Scorpio!

Enough said. Time to listen.



header image ~, public domain

16 thoughts on “Answer the Call

    1. you are welcome! I love love love this video and glad you can relate. Not a big Matrix fan myself, but I get why so many folks are drawn to it. I prefer the film Interstellar,it is less paranoid and just as compelling.


      1. Agree. Each of us has our own unique inroads; but oftentimes, many have the same point of opening. Sometimes “different strokes for different folks” doesn’t apply. Isn’t it ALL wonderful? ❤ Who started EVERYTHING? Much love to you, Litebeing! Glad to commune under this lovely post.

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      2. Do you know ” Who” started everything? 3d living is so limiting in that we are not equipped presently to really entertain these questions, try as I might 🙂 Many do have the same point of opening and we are always in motion. So our receptors are in flux. Glad to commune with you here too, my former PA, now universal soul sister ❤

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