Art is My Medicine ~ Neptunian Splendour

This is the next installment in the occasional series I call Art is My Medicine ~ highlighting the healing magic of visual art. These past few days we have been graced with both a Neptune Sun conjunction and Pisces Sun trine Scorpio Moon. These energies naturally lead me to revel in the boundless magnificence of all creative endeavors. On this auspicious Leap Day I am featuring the paintings of  Mikalojus Ciurlionis. A couple of his masterpieces can also be found here. Join me as I ride the waves of colour, texture, and interplay of light.


image credits ~, public domain

20 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ Neptunian Splendour

  1. Loved joining the wave of colour Linda.. even though sorry I am late riding the wave.. 🙂 Spent all morning creating art of my own today.. I felt I needed to escape reality today.. Sending you lots of love my friend
    Sue xxx

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    1. 🙂 Ciurlionis is best known artist in Lithuania. We had listened to many music pieces by him in school. I love his paintings, and it so really unfortunate his life ended so short.


  2. I was planning to write a post about this amazing artist, Linda, but somehow had no time or inspiration to put something together. A few months ago I saw an exhibition of his works in Krakow, Poland. It took my breath away.

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