Curcuma Longa (Tumeric)

Happy Leap Day litebeings!
I am in close daily relationship with turmeric and use it whenever possible. Dayna’s post is right on time and incredibly helpful. Thank you Dayna for this informative article.

Living Life in Between

I wanted to write very briefly about Curcuma Longa, or Tumeric. In case you don’t recall, on the 18th of February, the night I had the lucid dream which resulted in the Union, Curcuma was mentioned to me by my counterpart. I didn’t tell you all, but the next morning the first thing I did was run to the Vitamin Shoppe and buy some. I have been taking it daily ever since.

I did little research before heading to the store other than checking very quickly to make sure it did indeed have spiritual relevance. Sure enough, I discovered that it aids in the cleansing of the chakras, the subtle energy body, and the nadis.

One article suggest using Tumeric in conjunction with a regular Yoga practice:

  • Pain and inflammation: Yoga involves asanas (body postures), some of which are not easy in the beginning. Yoga practitioners, especially in case…

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12 thoughts on “Curcuma Longa (Tumeric)

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  2. Great timing. My cousin, who suffers from both arthritis and fibromyalgia, told me recently about cooking up a drink with turmeric, ginger and honey — I think in almond milk, but I see recipes also using water– that has been miraculous for reducing pain. I’ve been looking around at formulas lately because my mother’s heavy duty narcotic tabs are no longer keeping down her rheumatoid arthritis pain. Now I’m thinking I need to make enough for both of us when I get the ingredients for all the cleansing and spiritual clearing!

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    1. This drink you suggests sounds delicious. Once I can expand my diet again off the low residue, I will get some almond milk and give it a try. I put turmeric with ginger in my honest iced tea and in fruit juice, soup, you name it. Turmeric has little taste and ginger has that bitter taste that I like, so yummy in soy lattes too 🙂
      Keep me updated on what you discover.


    1. what is white willow bark? Curry power is better than anything made by Big Pharma. As you know, in many cultures food IS medicine. We are so backward here in America, but the times are a changin’ 🙂


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