Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: You Can See The Dream


wikiart public domain ( all seurat)


While in the shower, a few lines from Neil Young’s song There’s A World popped into my head. Such a haunting melody with wise words that still hold up today. In fact, they may be more relevant now than back in the early 1970s.

So evocative of the Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune ethers we find ourselves in. Here’s to  shower power and classic Neil Young.

Are you seeing, being, and living the dream?



image credit:, public domain

9 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: You Can See The Dream

  1. Hi Linda — Just put up one of your earlier posts about playing with colors. You mentioned an intense astrological aspect at the time and I noted that that was past but there may be a new one by now. Then I come here and sure enough, there is. Somehow I think this one is a bit easier but I once again noticed the synchronicity — we love those, don’t we. Lots of love, Love – Alia

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    1. Hi Alia,
      Yes that was another transit, and there is always something happening, but from 2012 – March 2015 Pluto and Uranus are stirring up inner and outer revolutions and evolutions!
      Thank you for showcasing my post. That is very exciting because I love your blog and your mission.
      I find that creative play: music, art, writing, etc certainly help us cope with and benefit from the current energies.



      1. Oh yeah! Out of the blue and into the black. Reverse alchemy, right?

        Needle and the Damage Done, Harvest Moon. Love CSN and CSNY too.

        I just heard that Dallas Taylor, the drummer for CSNY, died at age 66! Too young.

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