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While I have not been actively pursuing dreamwork, my dream life has been rather active. The evening of 5-21-15 ran the gamut from sheer horror to sheer delight. Here are the dreams I recall from evening 5-21-15 through morning 5-22-15. I call them dreamsicles.

Or dream-cycles

Why dreamsicles? My inspiration was taken from the simple creamsicle; a vanilla ice cream pop, cloaked in orange sherbet. While drinking liquid barium for my CT scan, I used my imagination to transform the chalky liquid into this childhood treat. When I had to drink this stuff in the ER back in April, it was orange flavored. It was not exactly yummy, but tolerable. This time when I drank it at home for my test, there was no flavoring as promised. I knew I had to devise a way to drink this concoction so I imagined the orange ice to complement the ” vanilla” liquid. I was somewhat successful since I finished the entire thing.

So here we go…

5-21-25 first 2 dreams were horrific:

1- I was sitting inside the driver’s’ seat of a car, losing consciousness, fearing death, preparing for death. I woke up terrified, afraid to fall back asleep.

2- I was struggling to stand in my bathroom and I was losing consciousness. I kept trying to keep upright, afraid of falling. Attempting to grasp the door jamb, I called out for Jesus. This really surprised me as I called out to him. Looked for him in the hall to appear, losing consciousness, fearing death. Yet again I woke up, really confused about what was going on with me. Really tired so I fell back asleep.

And now for something completely different:

3- Went back in time to the 1970s. Lots of teens around, big crowd. I run into a friend.We will call him “Sam.” He used to be my dream prompt. Seeing him meant I was dreaming. He has not appeared in years though. There was to be a 1970s party. I was excited about this. My friend “Sam” said I would like to dance with you , big smile. I was so excited and I typically don’t like to dance. Lots of love between me and Sam, unlike real life where we were longtime yet intermittent, platonic friends. I knew him from when I first moved to NJ in the middle of 6th grade through the summer after HS grad when our families vacationed at the same hotel down the shore. At the party, there was such a joyous atmosphere. The room was dark and the music was psychedelic. Sam and I hit the dance floor and did our thing. We were both young but I danced with the confidence of a more mature person. In high school I would have not felt as eager to express myself this freely.

When I turned around I saw a young Bob Weir singing Grateful Dead music.It was a big surprise. I have dreamed of Bob and Jerry( Garcia) many times before over the years. Sometimes while dreaming I talk with them. In this dream I did not know Bob, nor did I interact with him. I was so excited and remembered Sam was there at my first Grateful Dead concert in 1978. The same day he and his band performed a concert at the high school. A group of us began to chant the date of that concert 5-13-78. ( later I checked and that was the actual date of the concert. How did I remember that?) It was wild. I said to him “You were in a band!” I think he was the lead singer. My friends who attended the concert with me were at this party or at the very least I mentioned them to Sam. Some of Sam’s friends were also there. Sam and I were becoming a couple and were very happy. I felt loved and adored.

4- I was back with Sam telling him about dream #3. He may have been sitting on a bench outside with me standing across from him. Other people were around us. I cannot recall anything else. This often happens with me where I will go back to sleep and repeat the previous dream to the subject of that dream. Not the same as rejoining the dream in progress, but, a variation on that theme.

Now the even cooler reveal:

Per usual, I wake up and power up the laptop. I log onto Facebook and one of the first items that appears is a trailer for Bob Weir’s documentary that debuts today, yes today ( 5-22-15, the day I wrote this post) on Netflix.

BTW I knew of the documentary but not that it was on Netflix and certainly not that it was debuting today. When I watched the trailer and saw old footage of Bob, my dream was rebooted in all its glory.

Dreams of dying do not surprise me as mortality has been a close companion this year. I much preferred the joyous almost epic dreams that led me back to my former dream prompt and a pre-cognitive event. My theory is that the past, present, and future are malleable and equally available in other dimensions. The image of a cosmic Rolodex comes to mind, where all timelines are available in some circular file, aka the film Interstellar. If you haven’t seen Interstellar, please submit to me a 1000 word essay on why not. Just kidding, but please see it if you can.

Find out if the theater has any dreamsicles before you go, or just bring your own!


image credits:, public domain

14 comments on “Dreamsicles

  1. My own dream world has been vivid lately.. I agree with your friends conclusion about clearing out the past.. I interpret Death as the end of a cycle.. allowing room for the new… Hope you are feeling well? special thoughts your way xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      In dreamtime all is not what it seems. Or while awake, the same applies. Working with my spiritual director also helped me tie some of these symbols together. Today I am feeling well and really hope it is the start of a trend.

      love and light, Linda


      1. I hope so too Linda.. continue with the mantra .. 🙂 I am feeling well 🙂 I have been busy in my garden and in the allotments. or just taking time to soak up some sun with a Book.. I am revisiting lots of my old spiritual books at the moment, and absorbing again that which I need to learn.. 🙂 As I at last settle down and relax .

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Karin says:

    Wow, so deeply metaphorical dreams. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    The spiritual path is about a shift in identity and that includes the loss of the former sense of self. That is like a death.
    After that loss, the new flows in, and this is something wonderful, the long forgotten Self. Because is is so wonderful, we can be indeed ‘dead and grateful’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Karin,
      Glad you enjoyed the metaphors. Your comment provided the link between dreams 1 &2 with dreams 3 &4. I did not even link the band Grateful Dead with death,lol! Probably because I chose not to analyze the dreams and also because that band really makes me think of joy and love and freedom and liberation…

      I always appreciate your perspective 🙂

      peace, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  3. hey girlfriend….. sounds like you are revisiting past stuff to clean out and go on to the new. I sense that you are headed to a new phase of understanding and those old reruns are to tie up the loose ends.. From what I can ” see” you are going to a” Graduation” of some sort … and being prepared to enter a new era for you . I have also seen a roller coaster in reference to you LOL , Just remember take notes Perhaps the reruns are a reminder to check and see if there is still a lesson in there for acknowledgement?

    Love you!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Fran,
      So glad to see you here! I did not choose to interpret these dreams. Instead I used them as an example of the range of dreams within one night of sleep. I do see the graduation theme, especially since the date that was chanted was very close to my HS graduation. While I would not want to return to HS, this current transition is quite painful and often overwhelming. But I have more tools available and wonderful friends who support me.
      Many teachers are saying to abandon shadow work and I am starting to agree with them. But I will take these dreams to my Spiritual Director.

      BTW, not a roller coaster fan, I prefer the water rides, nothing too high 🙂

      love, Linda


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