Sweet and Salty ~ Follow the Trail: Update


Just a quick update on my symbolquest post ~ While no one has been pinning my German chocolate cake pins lately, I found some new ones and added them to pinterest.

There were a few cool seashell developments worth mentioning. Mercurial trick-stress Gneiss over at GMA shared here cool seashell oracle cards with me for a reading here. She does for astrology what Odie of eyesofOdyssseus does for photography and satire. Check her out please! My pal Julie over at peacockseyes was inspired and wrote a starfish article  here. Then I attracted a cool new follower Jamie and decided to follow her back. Guess what her gravatar is? To see the blue cosmic sea spiral in its glory, visit her site here . We discovered more than one synchronicity between us and her blog is wonderful!

Then my awesome Gemini moon sister Amanda at dreamly.com reminded me today that she sent me her beautiful starfish photo via email not too long ago.

photo by amanda at dreamly.com

It isn’t a shell but a few shells are included in the shot. This photo definitely seems linked with the starfish prominently displayed in my original photo on my initial post. Gorgeous shot, don’t ya think? Please check out her scrumptiously surreal articles here.

Clearly the sea creatures are making their presence known 🙂

This is not a blogging challenge, but that does not mean you cannot blog about your chosen symbols and how they are lighting up your path.

Just sayin’

header courtesy of By U.S. Department of Agriculture (Hapgood Pond) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

12 thoughts on “Sweet and Salty ~ Follow the Trail: Update

  1. Linda your magic is spreading everywhere lol

    I just wrote Deelia on her Sweet and Salty follow up post bc I was dancing in the park yesterday and came upon all these little white feathers, which I knew were her magic markers, thanks to your post. Xoxo

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  2. So lovely, Linda. Yum … German Chocolate Cupcakes. I really want one now (might have to go searching for cupcakes on today’s walkabout!). Thanks for linking to the spiral and Sophia’s Children. I’ll be adding this link to our comment thread at S.C. as well. It’s such a powerful symbol!

    And it seems we’re Gemini Moon sisters (you’ll find another in Molly, About.com’s Astrology guide and Wild Bee Grove tender)! Love, Jamie


    1. You are welcome Jamie. So you also have a moon in Gemini? Very cool, welcome to our small club! Who is Molly? Does she blog at WordPress? Tried to find her ar about.com to no avail.



  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for a fun update and for including the starfish photo! I just noticed that it has a few shells strewn in the sand by the starfish…so it was definitely made for you. Want a little more magic? Remember that it was taken on the full Gem/Sag moon! 😉
    Also just visited Jamie’s page and couldn’t resist pressing “Follow.” I love her gravatar and the site looks pretty awesome! Thanks for the connection. ❤ ya


    1. You are very welcome! After a close examination I now see the seashells in the shot. Funny how we don’t always see what is right in front of us, thanks..

      Jamie’s site is great and her prominently displayed goddess painting is the one I featured for my Sisterhood goddess awards, hmmmm??

      xx Linda


  4. Hi Linda, thanks for the fun update.

    Haven´t noticed more white feathers so far, but the name of the person the white feater related to has been popping in here and there. When I open the radio or tv, in ads and so on. That male name means “happy, blissful, blessed”. Fine with me. 😀


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