Awards ~ Xmas Bouquet in August, Ajay Style

Miracle Blogger Award
Miracle Blogger Award


Excellence Award
Excellence Award


The Lighthouse Award
The Lighthouse Award

Last Christmas Ajay awarded me four awards to choose for a Christmas Bouquet. I chose 2013 Blog of the Year, The Miracle Blogger Award, The Excellence Award, and The Lighthouse ( or Litehouse)  Award. I acknowledged the Blog of the Year Award when I did my annual review, but saved the other three for later. Of course I did not know that Ajay would be gone by the time I got around to posting.

Jupiter is in the sign of Leo now and is preparing to make a trine to Uranus in Aries. Add some Sag from somewhere and you get a Grand Fire trine. My chart ruler is in Leo and Leo loves awards!

So in honor of Ajay and the applying Jupiter Uranus trine, I am gifting The Miracle, Excellence, and Lighthouse Awards. As Ajay evolved over time, he began to be more loose with his award style. Towards the end he got rid of the rules. Perhaps my rebelliousness rubbed off on him or maybe he just wanted to keep it simple. In any event, I am going to just give bloggers awards without any stipulations and hope the lite will spread.


Miracle Awardees:

These folks have brought miracles into my life and I am not exaggerating one iota.

Donna Cunningham ~ Awesome role model as astrologer, social worker, mystic, writer, blogger, etc. A sincere thank you!

Sindy ~ My life has blossomed in numerous ways since we met and the miracles keep coming forward. Thanks also for uploading the award badges I gave you onto your site. 😉

Amber ~ Your presence has been a blessing to me in more ways than you could ever know. On the surface we may seem very different, but that is an illusion. I have learned so much from you. Keep keeping on.

Shamanic goddess ~ We share something unknowable and beautiful that has been quite joyful and healing. Thank you for being you.


Excellent Awardees:

These folks are masterful at what they do and how they live, authentically.

Debra ~ An expert on introspection, contemplation and expression of her musings on reality a la Hillman and Jung, among others. Plus she has a Gemini moon 🙂

Monika ~ She does not accept awards but I am still going to sing her praises. If she was alive in the time of Jung and Freud, her writing would be mandatory Psychology 101 reading. She is not just a symbol reader, she’s a symbol Avatar of Sanskrit etymology. And she has a Gemini sun 🙂

Aleya ~ Her site has the subtitle Wearing her heart on her blog and it does not disappoint. Aleya is genuine, honest and passionate and her writing conveys these qualities throughout every article. She does not accept awards but she does accept people unconditionally, Bravo!

Leafandtwig ~ Talk about excellence. For every  single day since I have followed this blog ( and probably long before) I have been graced with daily photographs and captions that seem to be Divine daily affirmations. How do you do what you do?? The perfect marriage of image and text , simply magical.


Lighthouse Awardees:

These folks are true examples of litebeings in action.

Sue ~ Sue tirelessly shares herself with her readers through her art, writing, poetry, and healing messages. She consistently shares her light with the world and makes our planet a more loving place.

Julie ~ Julie’s kindness, warmth, and optimism are evident in all she shares here at WordPress. She is positive but also willing to discuss how the darkness can be a barrier to light. This is a woman who walks her talk.

Glorialana ~ This sweet soul uses song , symphony, and artistry to motivate and inspire. She takes storytelling to an ethereal level where all is well and the inner children are actively laughing gleefully. She is a treasure.

There are so many others I could include if time and energy permitted. Every day is Christmas in the truest sense of the word when one is as blessed as I with so many magnificent bloggers and blogettes in my circle.

If Ajay is watching, I truly hope he will send me a sign and approve of my choices!




19 thoughts on “Awards ~ Xmas Bouquet in August, Ajay Style

  1. Dear Linda, many thanks for this amazing gift you have passed on from Ajay.. He will indeed be greatly missed by many here at WP… Thank you my sweet friend for those very lovely words and compliments you paid me.. I have many pending in my Awards 2014 .. Love the ones with no rules 😉 Wishing you well and hope September brings you more Leo Energies… Love and Hugs Sue xox

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. linda, you are so lovely. 🙂 thank you so much for your continued support, kind words, and friendship! i have been so busy that blogging has taken a backseat but i’m looking forward to catching up and sharing. thank you for all the love and light you spread. ❤ aleya


    1. Hey Aleya,
      Your friendship means the world to me. I know your blog is award free but I wanted to let people know how talented you are and how authentically you write about your life.

      ❤ Linda


  4. Aw thanks LInda! ❤ You are awesome too! I will try to post as soon as I can. A weekend of a garage sale and catching up on writing and then I'm on the road next week. I will have my computer with me though. 🙂
    Any big plans for the weekend?


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