Scorpi – OH

Just two more days until the Sun moves back into Scorpio. NO messy Saturn in Scorpio transit either ( thankfully):

So I am re-posting my Scorpio post from 2 years ago that was very well received. I don’t think I can improve on this, so I will let it stand on its own.


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Ahhh Scorpio, where to begin..  Well, let’s start with the featured header. It is a picture of purple chrysanthemums I took near my house. Notice how at first glance these scorpio flowers sporting scorpion fuchsia are out of focus, mysterious, difficult to get a fix on. Now move your laptop or device further away and notice how the image becomes clearer and better defined. This is part of the Scorpio nature. We are difficult to assess, but can become better known if you persevere and change your perspective. Now mind you, I planned to take a clear picture and it looked fine on my phone. But it translated differently and served me well to prove this point about Scorpios.

get-attachment (22)

This post is not going to be technically oriented or objective in any way. This is litebeing – right brain style, so get ready!  My intention is to describe what this season means to me and how I resonate with the Pluto/Mars vibrations. Yes it is all about me , because I am a true Scorpio and I want to share my personal associations with you today.

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Dark purple: the hue of plum, my car , black currant in tone,  aligning with the golden leaves outside my door, the world encased in a golden ray of light, luscious pumpkin, church bells, buried treasure, animal shelters, succulent squash, isolation rooms, pungent cranberries, weddings, woodsy mushrooms, explosions, meditation, dark red wine, candlelight, bittersweet chocolate, aged sharp cheese, crystal clear spring water, a stark, piercing, bright blue sky, deep silence, Led Zeppelin loud and raw, snappy autumn air, rapturous attraction at first sight, a blazing burgundy fire …

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Burnt orange, raw garlic,  seared meat on the grill, the first inhale of an unfiltered cigarette, stinging hot chilies, spiritual ecstasy, intricate mosaics, revenge, corruption, cobwebs, gunpowder, forgiveness, roaches scrambling up and down the walls, obsessive love, finger painting, hospices, moldy food, punitive rage, live improvisational jazz in a dark, smoky bar, New York City on 9/11, passing around a pipe filled with a beguiling pungent odor, piercing howls at 3AM, redemption, gripping depression coming for your soul……

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Maroon, complex Indian curries, emergency rooms, holding cells, the scent of musk, Ouija boards, double espresso, penetration, last-minute reprieves, reckless angry sex, black velvet dresses, landfills, a searing passionate gaze, cancer wards, brothels, the ruins of Pompeii, pounding reggae, wilting red roses, shuffling tarot cards, crackling thunder,thick menstrual blood, half-dead creature on the road, feces, molten hot fudge blending with vanilla ice cream, sheer vulnerability, aching in the loins approaching climax, a newborn’s first breath…

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Happy Solar Return to Sindy, Deelia, Heidi, and Lehua! Any other Scorpio goddess bloggers? I would love to include you. How about readers? Let me know who you are.  Where are the male Scorps at WordPress? I know you must exist. Come join the party. What does Scorpio mean for you? 

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Here is my take on the Mars influence – my favorite song as a teen:

Compare it with my take on Pluto ~ this song captures how I felt about a magical young man who eventually “captured ” me !

All Scorpio artwork courtesy of     US public domain

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21 thoughts on “Scorpi – OH

  1. What an entertaining way to describe the Scorpio picture. That is definitely right brain.

    I don’t know much enough about astrology in order to fully appreciate this, but I definitely resonate with
    “candlelight, bittersweet chocolate, aged sharp cheese” , oh, and, ehm, “cobwebs”, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kellie,
      Thank you! This is one of my racier posts. Are you a Sag? I had a lot of fun with this one and people keep viewing it so I figure, let’s reblog again.

      BTW, I have seen your comments at the various challenge blogs. Thanks for being so supportive.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kellie@writingmoment

        Libran 🙂
        No probs about the challenge blogs, I enjoy them, thanks for supporting many of us bloggers.
        Am actually looking around WP now wondering if I should do NaNo WriMo…that would be a big challenge 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you reposted since I missed this one. I love all the associations. (I did catch the sex. And the food. Now I’m hungry.)

    I’ll just hang out and see if any other Scorpios come out of the woodwork. I’ve been hearing interesting things about 23rd. Can’t wait to see what comes! Something new, I’m sure.

    Big hugs, Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hey Sarah,
      I must have missed your comment 1 year ago. but I am back to say thanks for your appreciation. Aries and Scorpio are similar since both signs are ruled by the Planet Mars. Thought you might want to know.:)
      Excited for tomorrow the 23rd. The bewitching season begins..

      hugs, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dang that’s very descriptive. lol I will skip a couple on the list, Cockroaches…ewwwww… you forget scary clowns (they make me laugh) and I prefer Mangalam and Ravi Shankar to Led Zepplin, now I do like the pungent smoke and dark chocolate covered cranberries (lol, I was just talking to a friend about us Scorpio’s and chocolate). But I do have that Cancer and other stuff. Love the list, it was very literary, and descriptive of a true Scorpio. Did you say hot sex? Maybe I missed that? lol Love you girl.

    You feel like fixing my computer glitched comment…cool.



    1. so glad you like it! It is a repost from last year. Clowns, noooo! Hot sex is implied if you read again, you’ll see. I think most people, especially women adore chocolate. You don’t like Led Zeppelin, that surprises me, but hey its all good. Cockroaches are scorpion because they are the ultimate survivors 🙂

      love your comments which I fixed for you!

      xoxo Linda

      Liked by 1 person

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