“When a person begins to live with their ‘genius’ they begin to be truly wyyrrdd”*

Thanks Jamie of Sophia’s Children for re blogging so I could find this enlightening post on wyyrrddness in all its glory. Perfect for these Uranian times 🙂

An Elegant Mystery

(*According to Michael Meade, one of the meanings of the welsh Wyyrrdd is to have one foot in both worlds)

“The genius wants activity. It is connected to the stars. It is connected to a spark and it wants to burn and it wants to create and it has gifts to give. You have a name that is inside you and the stars know your name and even if you are lost in this world if you remember your connection to the stars, to the dance of this cosmos, you can find yourself.”

Michael Meade is attempting to reintroduce the idea of the ‘genius’ to our contemporary world. Through his organization, the Mozaic Multicultural Foundation, he has started the Genius Project.

Michael Meade –

“We’re in the time of tragic stories. The background for this consideration of genius is really the rattling of culture and the disruption of the…

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6 thoughts on ““When a person begins to live with their ‘genius’ they begin to be truly wyyrrdd”*

  1. Rattling of culture and unrelenting disruption of nature are paramount concerns in the informed world. It may be that things are uncontrollably hurtling towards the cycle of evolutionary destruction. Thanks for the post whetting the appetite for more of Michael…best wishes…Raj.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Raj,
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts I truly hope we can prevent ultimate destruction. Don’t think life was intended to eradicate all of life.

      best wishes,


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