Grace with Wings

 Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I like to keep up with awards but sometimes I cannot do so. The timing is off somehow. Today the time is fine to do a post that is “late”.  Retrograde cycles are excellent for catching up with what seems to be temporarily cast aside. With Mercury, this can apply to writing.

Annesquared is a very cool blogger friend who nominated me back in July 2014. We had an excellent communion when I gifted her with a free telephone reading on one of my blog giveaways. She blogs about being an INTJ and other very interesting, diverse topics. Thank you Anne for recognizing the intuitive healer in me by taking a chance and helping me spread my wings. I am grateful for this award and your support.

Since inspiration is something I highly value, I am happy to receive this token and pass it on to others that inspire me.


1. Display the logo of the award.
2. Link to who nominated me.
3. Say seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate  fifteen other bloggers
5. And in doing said nomination, link over to them

visit here to see other awards and award rules


1- I adore old buildings and places with plenty of history. I can often sense the character of a place by walking around and taking in the energy.

2- I am told that I have a great sense of humor, especially when I am not being so “serious”. I enjoy irony, word-play, and yes, sarcasm from time to time. Working on letting the sarcasm go.

3- I like walking outside in the Winter when the air is clean and crisp. Love how alive I feel and seeing my breath as I exhale.

4- Room temperature water is my favorite drink, not too cold. I rarely go anywhere without some water. 

5- I was born without a gall bladder and was horrified that I lived so long in the dark. Do you wonder if you may be missing an organ or two? One of the reasons this is underreported is that we can live fine without some of them ( lungs, heart, brain are essential) and most people would not know unless they are having particular medical problems. I wonder if my original people are gall bladder less?

6- I am becoming more comfortable looking silly or goofy. This is a real shift for me.

7- I have so many famous friends in my dreams. Once I dreamed I was hanging out with Julia Roberts ( a fellow Scorpio) and offered to do her chart for free. When I wake up it seems odd that I don’t know Julia or Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger, Cameron Diaz. Maybe my parallel self is an entertainer and moves in these circles while awake.

In these very exciting yet confusing times, inspiration can be as necessary as oxygen and water. Physical reality can be so fast paced, contradictory, and overwhelming.

Inspiration can be described as grace with wings.

So in that spirit, let me introduce you to my nominees:

A picture is worth a million words when Cindy takes them.

Renate’s stories are so rich with meaning and depth of soul.

newish blog with such heart ~ adore the exuberance and love for my old college ‘hood.

Karin’s take on spirit is nuanced with layer upon layer of consciousness and truth.

Julie’s love of life and optimism/ truth are splashed all over her blog pages.

wikipedia public domain

Some of these blogs are well established, with tons of readers and “cred”.  Others are just beginning to catch fire and take flight.

Mixed metaphor? Oh well..

Needless to say, I walk away feeling understood, enriched, and renewed in a very personal way.

Grace has a way of showing itself to me in such a manner. What about you?

image credit: public domain

19 thoughts on “Grace with Wings

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Interesting that you have no gall bladder. Is there a meaning to this?
    Maybe it means that there is not a trace of bitterness in you?
    Thanks for the nomination. I feel honored and grateful. But as we discussed elsewhere, I won’t follow any of the rules of the award, at least not in a formal way. I’ll just carry the butterfly in my heart. And I will let other bloggers know how much I appreciate their posts.
    You are an amazing person with a huge heart. You keep pouring your love and enthusiasm over people like a shower.
    Love and blessings to you,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Karin,
      Thank you for stopping by and flattering me 😉
      I think the point of the gall bladder story is that many doctors/practitioners do not see us as unique or truly listen to their patients. I figure other folks have some missing organs because I sense it will not be brought to light unless a situation like mine occurs. I was in severe acute pain and had many tests, but a few were inconclusive. The surgeons were determined to remove an organ that failed to show up on any of the sophisticated scans. I knew better and pleaded for more testing. My intuition never leads me astray and I was adamant. I never expected the absence of a gall bladder, just wanted proof it was not functioning well. There may be something symbolic about missing this organ. My body has always been a bit odd, so maybe it is part of a larger mystery.

      regarding awards, I understand that many bloggers are not interested in the process for many reasons. I may eventually become award-free, but not yet. I have a desire to link people together. You have such a vast collection of resources and personal knowledge that will help so many. I see you on some other sites so I know your influence is spreading 🙂

      love and blessings,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ka! I love award posts: spreading blog love, cool themes, fun facts and/ or questions, building community.
      Don’t ya love being an Aquarius rising? I think it rocks as I approach my ascendant return later today 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

  2. renatembell

    Thank you so much Linda! I return to your blog again and again. Yours is like a tuning fork which sets a beautiful tone, whose uplifting vibration ripples out, connecting many like-minded souls. I am grateful to have found litebeing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. renatembell

      Oh! Another thing we have in common- many celeb dreams over the years. Never starstruck, but always seem to be friends with them. Maybe we hang together in a parallel universe? Very interesting about your gall bladder!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. how cool about the celeb dreams! I wonder how common it is for people to dream regularly about entertainers. I like the parallel universe theory. Along with the gall bladder mystery, I have discovered there is just so much we do not know!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. You are welcome Renate. Your blog is so unique and your stories are so personally moving. Thanks for the complements and enjoy your reward! These award posts are such a great platform for me to let people know how their blogs make a difference in my life. One of the reasons I continue to accept the nominations. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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