Litebeing’s Guide to the Movies

I am re blogging this post in honor of the Oscars tomorrow. Films are my salvation and frankly we all can benefit from all forms of inspirational art.  Bless you oh mighty Neptune for your gifts of the cinema.
With love, litebeing

litebeing chronicles Alabama Theatre

In honor of the Oscars, I had to showcase some of my favorite spiritually themed films. Some of my choices are more obscure, and therefore less well-known. A few are controversial (big surprise!) while others are more mainstream, crowd pleasers.

Here’s an alphabetical list with my brief critiques below, enjoy!

Bee Season  (2005)

This movie stars Richard Gere who mentors his daughter while his family falls apart.  It was adapted from the book Bee Season about a young girl’s quest to win a spelling bee. It is a tale about both mysticism and alienation.

The Blue Bird  ( 1940)

I first stumbled onto this Shirley Temple feature as a child and was mesmerized by this story about the search for the bluebird of happiness. The way in which the future was characterized was both otherworldly and heart wrenching   The memory of this magical realm stayed with me for years and was just as captivating during…

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5 thoughts on “Litebeing’s Guide to the Movies

  1. OMG I am so deep in my own academic world I did not even know the Oscar’s were today and won’t really even be able to watch. Argh! I am writing an essay on Sherwood Anderson’s “Hands” and have done research but nothing on the page. Please share the Oscar highlights with me. lol ❤

    I always used to make Oscar night special, now I am just absorbed.

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    1. Good luck with your paper. What did you do for the Oscars? I just plan to watch and hope I can last through the long show. Sometimes I get bored if I was not a fan of the featured nominees. I will be rooting for Boyhood. It was astonishing,

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