Druid Tree Workings: Finding the Face of the Tree

Please read this magical post and the entire series on tree magic. I found druidgarden yesterday after posting about holding some tree branches and then finding some un-deerlike deer. Last night I dreamt of seeing a tree with such an animated face. Clearly this series is to be shared and savored!

The Druid's Garden

Sometimes the trees themselves share lessons with us about how to work with them, to talk with them, heal with them. These are often presented to me as mystery teachings from the trees themselves–and I’ll be sharing some of these teachings with you.  The first of these is finding the face of the tree.

Grove of Beeches looking out upon the world Grove of Beeches looking out upon the world

I have found that each tree has at least one face and finding it can teach you a lot about that particular tree’s personality and energy. Finding the face of the trees will show you their individuality and unique personality–and yes, individual trees do have uniqueness of their own, both inside and out. This is similar to humans—all humans are humans, but we come from different ethnicities and different regions and those create variation. In the same way, all oak trees have a strengthening quality to them because…

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2 thoughts on “Druid Tree Workings: Finding the Face of the Tree

  1. Wonderful information Linda — thank you so much for sharing. We are moving back into partnership with Gaia. All this “legwork” that has been done by “those who have gone before” will assist those of us coming after to do so with more grace and understanding. Blessings, Alia

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