Mercury in Pisces ~ Say it Artfully

Mercury just swam into Pisces yesterday, joining the Sun, Chiron, and Neptune. It is a great time to communicate creatively, with vulnerability and fluidity. Since my recent art posts featuring pointillism and mosaics have been so positively received, especially the work of Klimt, I will give you more. I selected some Klimt pieces from a variety of genres that whispered Pisces in my ear:





all of these Klimt pub domain





What do you hear?



all images, including header via, public domain

21 thoughts on “Mercury in Pisces ~ Say it Artfully

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  2. Pingback: Art is happening in my house! A special request…fill this tree! | Fiesta Estrellas

  3. I love the Klimt – I just found a Klimt print I had stored away for years – I’m going to frame it as I’m seeing it with new eyes. I hope you are feeling much better, Linda. ❤ xo Aleya

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    1. Hi Aleya,
      Hope you are well, miss our interactions. I am so happy to have rediscovered his work. Went to a soundbath Sunday evening and there was a Klimt print in the studio. I gazed at it and it provided me with a source of wonder and a sense of synchronicity since I have been blogging about Klimt quite a bit of late. ❤ Linda


      1. I love that! And to add to the synchronicity I randomly found a beautiful frame today, and put that aforementioned Klimt print inside – it’s absolutely the perfect fit and looks beautiful. Seemed somehow very symbolic and powerful…xo

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  4. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    I am reblogging this for Ka of Fiesta Estrellas tree project.

    I am also adding a favorite childhood poem:


    by Harry Behn

    Trees are the kindest things I know,
    They do no harm, they simply grow
    And spread a shade for sleepy cows,
    And gather birds among their bows.

    They give us fruit in leaves above,
    And wood to make our houses of,
    And leaves to burn on Halloween
    And in the Spring new buds of green.

    They are first when day’s begun
    To tough the beams of morning sun,
    They are the last to hold the light
    When evening changes into night.

    And when a moon floats on the sky
    They hum a drowsy lullaby
    Of sleepy children long ago…
    Trees are the kindest things I know.

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  5. More lovely birches. Yes, BIG shift with Mercury delving into the waters after flying for such a long time in the lofty altitudes of Aquarius! The mind wants to flow with the fishes today (and avoid those boiling waters!) It’s all fire and water (mostly) at the moment. I love the beautiful birches – another lovely image you’re sharing. Thank you Linda. 🙂 Love, Jamie

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    1. I am a fan of watery Mercury since that is where mine dwells( and conjunct Neptune to boot). I a really feeling a strong pull back to nature and Klimt really does trees brilliantly. Funny I pulled the Ace of Pentacles as part of the full moon spread and the new deck I used depicts this card as a tree. You are welcome! xoxoxo Linda


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