Yikes! What if they gave a final Pluto Uranus square and nobody posted?

Hello Litebeings,

Tomorrow is the big hurrah and I haven’t posted. I hope to blog soon on how I am faring spiritually and my thoughts on the brewing astrological weather. If I don’t do so today, don’t fret. I would read this  gem in the meantime. The author of the link goes by the name Michael Lutin. I call him brilliant, visionary and frighteningly accurate per usual.

I will be back posting once I gather my parts up off the floor and reassemble my self.

get-attachment (60)

phil's fall

Above are 2 shots taken in the fall.The first in mine and the other taken by a talented friend. They both possess pointillistic, mosaic vibes, don’t ya think?

I promise I will be back soon. Just wanted to say hello and to also thank all the new followers and readers. Welcome! I hope you find my stories and musings thought-provoking and relatable. Go back to the archives to see how my story has evolved. Plenty can happen in 2 years.

Or 2 seconds..

11 thoughts on “Yikes! What if they gave a final Pluto Uranus square and nobody posted?

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  2. Hey there, Linda. Pretty funny. When I first received this, I’d just noticed how inundated my email inbox was with what I took to calling ‘lots of squawking’ about the Uranus Pluto square (the 7th exact is in just a bit). So I read your post-headline and thought, ‘Yes!’ 🙂 Love it. Jamie


  3. Hope you are finding all of those pieces of ‘Self’ dear Linda, and I am sure once safely gathered, we will see a bright new shining Mosaic of your new Litebeing! shining her brilliance to all her readers again…
    I for one will be keeping my eye out..
    Love to you.. and I enjoyed your photo 🙂 Hugs Sue x

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