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Oh how I enjoy a good pop culture metaphor to describe the energies.  March madness is the annual NCAA Basketball tournament here in the US. The moniker surely is appropriate for March 2015. This is not a subtle Pisces season. We are in the wild place where electricity meets the ocean. Thunderstorms, tsunamis, and tidal waves are on the daily menu. I suggest you take a great big bite and chew slowly so you can digest what you consume. Better than have it consume you!

There is so much on the menu: Saturday’s ( March 14) Saturn retrograde in Sag, the final Uranus Pluto Square as we speak, and a powerful Solar Eclipse at 29 ( critical) degrees Pisces followed by the Spring Equinox ( Fall in Southern Hemisphere ) on March 20th. So what is a litebeing to do with all this info? Hide inside your bunker or dance gleefully in the storm?

I prefer utilizing both the intuitive and experiential approaches when I consider powerful universal astrological events. This serves me well as an astrologer and as a human living day-to-day. So here is what I suggest: Look to the placements of transiting Uranus and your natal north node.

Uranus has the upper hand in its squaredance with Pluto. Uranus in Aries is ripe with change, freedom, and beginning anew. Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling the old guard piece by piece. Uranus is impatient and relentless in Aries. While Pluto does not play fair, Uranus comes to the party with super-skills and  exciting maneuvers that are simply unparalleled. Locate transiting Uranus in your chart and he will help you fly by the seat of your pants. Which house ( or houses) contains Aries? Look for any natal planets aspecting Uranus between 13- 17 Aries in your chart. Planets in cardinal signs are especially potent. Understanding how Uranus works with your chart will give you some clues on how to ride the tiger. For example, Aries is my 2nd house of money and finances and Uranus is currently squaring my Saturn/ Mars opposition ( 13 degrees Cap and 17 degrees Cancer respectively). This can lead to crazy finances peppered with conflicts, delays, and occasional manna from the ethers. So with a 2nd house transiting Uranus, one might live a simpler life, save for unexpected expenses, find unusual sources of income, and stay open to new ways of attracting abundance into your orbit. The thing about Uranus is that one can imagine several possible scenarios but the events that appear are often original, shocking and abrupt. Uranus is always ahead of the pack and rarely conforms to suppositions or trends. Therein lies the magnificence of this planet.

Then take a look at your natal north node.What sign is it in and which house does it occupy? How is it aspected? The north node will show you how to shine and play to your inherent strengths. It will force you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to step into your precious most expansive self. My north node, for example, is in Virgo in the 7th house. It is conjunct Pluto and squares my MC/IC axis. A recent review of this placement reminds me not to give up so easily and use my sensitivity ( Pisces south node) to my advantage in my service to others , rather than allow it stifle my ability to be in the physical world ( Virgo). It also pushes me to reinvent myself over and over again ( Pluto) in the best interest of my highest good. These are not easy lessons, but the way of the nodes is never easy.

There is just so much going on now. The ride will continue to escalate throughout April with a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on 4-4-15.  The storm has not weakened yet. The lightning may have ended, but  how many trees have fallen? How many homes are without power? Where are the floods located?

We will not live out these energies the same way and different elements will become more noticeable as we move through time. That is why I suggest to focus on Uranus and North Node and let them lead you into the arena. One cannot predict how long you will feel the impact of these energies personally, or how you will react to the global events that are triggered. However if you play to your strengths, you will be more likely to play the game with grace and confidence and spend less time on the bench.

all these storm pics wikipedia pub domain

I find it ironic that this is my 300th post. I have been contemplating the squares for a long time now and would not have been able to clearly see this outcome of my journey at the start of the cycle. I certainly was not entertaining blogging. But here I am, so very different in my wiring , and excited to press publish for the 300th time. Thank you all for accompanying me along the way.

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To learn more about the magnificence of your spirit as expressed in your astrological chart, arrange a consultation by contacting me here

image credits: all images via public domain

12 comments on “Astrological Forecast: March Madness ~ Play to Your Strengths

  1. Wonderful post Linda and great choice of photos..
    And here’s to reinvention of Self.. Thank you for sharing dear Linda.. I am to keep positive as the eye of the storm passes by.. Love and Hugs xxx Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue,
      Yes we are perpetually in a state of reinvention, even if we are not always aware of it. I do feel calmer today, as if the storm has receded. Yet it is snowing today on the first day of Spring.

      Love to you,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. greeting L and D litebeings –
    great pic and great post. i’m calling this event Plurato. pluto im fine with saying. it’s the other planet i’m not mentioning to everyone. I dont like any words that reminds me of our chocolate pipelines. ha ha.
    how do you find your north node? do you have mine on file? what does it all mean. will my book get done despite me?

    o and om.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thanks guys. I will look up your north node. Is it ok to tell you here? It is the key to doing all the things you rather avoid. It is the anti comfort zone, the path to evolution. I do not know if your book will get done despite you, but you know 😉

      hugs, us


  3. I am riding the crest of the wave~
    Happy 300th post, it was a good one.

    Namaste & Peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Sindy! We live in such interesting and bizarre times 🙂 Namaste

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    Good info and insight from Ms. Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhh, excellent and refreshing suggestions, Linda, to tune in to transiting Uranus and our natal North Node and the various aspects (who’s at the party). I’ve got Saturn trining my north node now (and sextiling South Node and Midheaven), and Uranus trining natal Mars and Magdalene and transiting Jupiter. Seems like that’d be most helpful, doesn’t it? Your suggestion seems an important key … 🙂

    And congratulations on your 300th post! Very Uranian indeed!

    xoxo Love, Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I would think transiting Saturn and Uranus will be supporting you well with these aspects. I am not familiar with Magdalene. Is she an asteroid? I wanted to say something different from the latest articles and use my internal approach as a guide. The nodes can be such a great barometer for our evolution and resistance in this incarnation.

      Thanks for your support and friendship!


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