Money Don’t Matter Tonight

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money don’t matter

This song has been stuck in my brain for weeks now. I have not listened to this old Prince song in years. That’s until I noticed it on Ann’s blog here. I cannot get it off my mind. With my current financial challenges, it is no wonder that money or lack of money has been a source of musical contemplation ( among other things ).

When I consider that I have had Uranus transiting my 2nd house of money for a while now, it should come as no surprise that money slips through my fingers, or just plain eludes my grasp. Sometimes this transit results in windfalls or fortune out of the blue, but not in my case ( yet). What has happened is that I find myself with just enough. The sources change and the amounts vary, but my ruler Uranus is protecting me.

Never been one to get too caught up in the consumer game, yet I wish I could shower my loved ones with wonderful gifts on birthdays and holidays. I really like shopping for others and watching their facial expressions upon opening their gifts. I try to remind myself that there are many other ways to celebrate those you care about.  I could become bitter about my situation, but I am done with bitter. I have wasted enough time asking myself questions without answers.

I prefer bittersweet anyway ( chocolate, coffee) etc. ,  But I digress..


This month of November has been so incredibly rich in the best possible way for me. Spending time with friends has been so rewarding. Birthday road trips, reunions with long-lost pals, meeting new friends, my cup runneth over with love all month-long. My INFJ  tendencies preclude large soirees and gatherings. I still tense up when meeting new people socially, even after all this time. Yet I have become more at ease in my own skin, and really enjoy myself so much more. With Pluto about to leave my 11th house of friends in a few months, I want to shake his hand. Pluto , you truly outdid yourself this time!  I really have the most incredible people in my life. Perhaps Pluto gifted me with more Plutonian type affiliations, and/or transformed some former connections into shinier, brighter, new ones. It is most likely that anything I experience outside of myself has to do with internal transformation. Call it the Law of Attraction, higher vibrations, or just better judgement, but I would not trade in any of these folks in ( yes that includes YOU); even for a newer car. Remember the song ” Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver but the other gold.” Well I cannot distinguish the new from old as all my peeps are dear old souls. When it comes to my tribe, we are talking  platinum all the way.

The kindness and generosity I have experienced lately boggles my mind. How did I get so lucky to deserve such good care? Truth is, we all deserve the best, but rarely embrace it for fear of loss or simply not feeling worthy. These are also Second House concerns. I used to find it curious that income and self-esteem would be contained in the same sector of life of the natal chart. But after living some time without financial solvency or reliable employment, I am beginning to see the connection.

I have some tough choices ahead of me if I do not secure a sufficient income soon. This is not news to me, just needs to be accepted as a  real possibility.  Yet, I am realizing more and more that I lately have so much more of the life I once only dreamed about. Good friends and a bunch of creative ideas waiting in the wings fulfills my soul and helps me sleep more soundly. Being who you really are and sharing yourself with others is the best job description I have ever seen. It does not always pay well, but the benefits are off the charts.

I can sleep well most nights because I take much better care of my soul. Prince and I would agree that the soul’s needs are much more important tonight.

And Every Night

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18 thoughts on “Money Don’t Matter Tonight

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  2. hi linda –
    i pressed the random oracle post button to get here. glad i did.
    as the fates know, i share a love of Prince, and two dollar bills.
    I need to put one of these random chancers on my blog, and see what happens.

    How did you do it

    hugs – in both sisterhood and in destiny, and love of music. and strange bills.

    o and om

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    1. I will get back to you with the instructions. It is 3:25 AM now and I could be asleep but the fates are keeping me up. You know Prince is a Gemini Scorpio rising just like you. But I think he and I like purple more than you and Odie.

      hugs, Linda

      PS no-thing is random 😀

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      1. HI LL –
        Just seeing this today. Ok. Thank you. I was going to ask about the instructions for the challenge.
        Feel free to comment inline, or to email me 🙂
        Nothing is random.
        I believe that as well, 95% of the time.
        o and om

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  5. Oh Linda, I can surely relate to this post. Like you, I was faced with making some hard decisions for financial reasons. I sold my house seven months ago and moved into a rented apartment in the big city.There are some advantages and some disadvantages. I don’t have the worry of unexpected repairs popping up or the rising costs of heat, hydro and taxes to worry about. And the best part of it is, I have more time to write. This is going to sound like an old cliche, but things do happen for a reason. And I still have hope that maybe this next book will sell well…and if it doesn’t, I still had the great satisfaction and fulfillment of writing it. Just yesterday I came across an inspiring passage in a book about feng shui that said, the more grateful we are for what we have, the more the Universe will provide. Keep the spirit…keep the faith! ysis (your sister in spirit).

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    1. Hi Bev,
      I can tell from your comment that more writing time is very gratifying for you, so I am pleased that you have more time to do what you love. If I was working full time in January 2013, I very much doubt I would have started this blog. Now I cannot even imagine myself not writing 🙂 It is hard for me to let go of so many stories about myself and even more expectations. Yet, I do believe I am being guided and that getting out of my own way is what needs to happen, now more than ever.

      Thanks ysis ( love this!)

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  6. After some initial success with abundance thinking, I’ve now lived for over two decades on the financial edge. Like you, over time I’ve realized that the Universe always sends just enough and at just the right moment — but so far rarely anything more. For me (and I’m not suggesting this is true for you) I know there are big issues about faith and trust, but that constant arrival of just enough has slowly given me faith that I’ll be taken care of. I’m now six or eight years past all predictions that I’d be completely out of money and a place to live, things have been going a little better and I am developing a deep belief that more than “just enough” is on its way. Sounds like you have that faith — so I’m sure it will arrive for you!

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    1. Hi Leigh,
      Before I read your comment, I was thinking about my situation and how I still don’t do trust or safety very well. They both require tremendous inner work from me, yet as a healer I strive to create that space for others. So you are truly on point here. Living on the edge is more familiar to me than luxuriating in security and safety. Time for the change to arrive!

      May we both enjoy a flow of abundance that rises up to meet our true magnificence.

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