All is well

What a difference a year makes? When someone mentioned that today is free coffee day I recalled the events of 4-16-14.I felt an exquisite peace all around me and through me that afternoon that I can still recall now. It felt like Grace in all her glory. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call for a second interview that ultimately landed me a new job and a promotion. While that particular job was not what I hoped it would be, the dawn of peace was Spirit at work.  All was well then and I want my body to feel well NOW. Hope all is well in your universe. Please enjoy this uplifting post on this Throwback Thursday.

litebeing chronicles

The dust is beginning to settle, finally!! Could it be the movement of the moon post-eclipse? Is it the amazing array of creatures out and about relishing this bright sunny sparkling Wednesday? Maybe its the new meditationI started recently.  It could be the free WAWA coffee day. Walking into WAWA and custom designing a large cup of dark brew/kona/ french vanilla  coffee and leaving without paying was liberating. Yet it was more than that somehow.

I really do not know the answer.

What I do know is that I had a lucid dream two night ago. It was a wee one, tucked at the end of a longer dream, right before the beginning of my day. I was so excited and it seemed so unexpected. I have not been sleeping well this week and have not put out requests lately for anything in particular in the dream department. The dream…

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