Like My New Tagline?


As is so often the case, ideas flash into my head. Today while processing the death of Carrie Fisher and noticing she is forever ensconced on my sidebar ( as part of my random post oracle), the word snapshot buzzed in my ear. Then it occurred to me to use this on the blog. A few seconds later incarnation appeared. So there you have it, snapshots of an incarnation (that would be mine).

I did not think about this or mull it over ; I just discarded the old and added the new. While my former tagline Stories Beyond the Veil reflects my blogging journey, this new tagline is more inclusive and describes the pointillistic approach to litebeing chronicles. All the small snapshots move together to construct a tapestry of malleable space and time. Yes, this is a bit woo -woo, but if you look at the depth and breadth of material posted here, it will start to make sense. The whole is so much more than the sum of its parts.


So let me know what you think. Do you like this new tagline? What does it mean to you?

As a tribute to Carrie Fisher, give the random post oracle a spin. You never know what might turn up!

Namaste, litebeing 

19 thoughts on “Like My New Tagline?

  1. Love your new tag line Linda.. it fits very well.. 🙂
    And I hope to read more snapshots through your incarnation here in the New Year Linda..
    We all of us are looking through our various perspectives through the lens of our eyes adding to the windows of the world ..
    Happy 2017 to you Linda. May it bring you many more insights and snapshots into our existence within our earth incarnation..
    As we each share our chosen Earth Journeys…
    Love and Blessings sending you nothing but Love and Peace, Health and Happiness..
    Sue xx

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    1. Dearest Sue,
      2016 was a 9 year, which I have not considered in quite awhile. This is significant because it is a year of culmination, conclusion and endings. I look forward to more evolution, reinvention, and realization of all the love that has always been waiting for us.

      Cheers to 2017 and our continued friendship.

      Abundant love, Linda ❤

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