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Litebeing’s Guide to the Movies

Update: I thought it might be worthwhile to mention some films I enjoyed since the Oscars were last held. :

Three Christs

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Marriage Story

Clearly I did not see many new films recently, or they were not memorable enough for me to notice!

Here are a few I hope to see soon :

Little Women

Check out Monika of Symbolreader’s review here :




Lucy in the Sky

I have been viewing more US election coverage this past year, and for me the political is spiritual. However I want to honor my appreciation for artistry of Greta Gerwig, Brad Pitt ( yes, he can also act ), Charlize Theron, Richard Gere ( before there was a Brad Pitt), Adam Driver, Scarlett Johannson, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, and my admiration of hero Harriet Tubman, icon Judy Garland, and reformed role model Elton John. I find that studying history and autobiography gives us a unique understanding of the bigger picture.


In honor of the Oscars tonight, I had to showcase some of my favorite spiritually themed films. While the Oscars are typically held during the sign of Pisces,  the Neptune in Pisces transit will ensure glamour and fantasy. Some of my choices are more obscure, and therefore less well-known. A few are controversial (big surprise!), while others are more mainstream crowd-pleasers.

Here’s an alphabetical list with my brief critiques below, enjoy!

Bee Season  (2005)

This movie stars Richard Gere who mentors his daughter while his family falls apart.  It was adapted from the book Bee Season about a young girl’s quest to win a spelling bee. It is a tale about both mysticism and alienation.


The Blue Bird  ( 1940)

I first stumbled onto this Shirley Temple feature as a child and was mesmerized by this story about the search for the bluebird of happiness. The way in which the future was characterized was both otherworldly and heart wrenching   The memory of this magical realm stayed with me for years and was just as captivating during a recent viewing.


City of Angels  (1998)

This story about an Angel who risks everything for the woman he loves stars Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. Most of the story takes place in the hospital where a weary physician becomes involved in an unlikely love triangle. The performances of the two principles are both soulful and nuanced.


 Close Encounters of the Third Kind  (1977)

This Steven Spielberg classic highlighted the theme of interconnection long before Babel, Crash, and Traffic and also demystified the concept of life on other planets. When I initially saw this film, I wondered if Spielberg was trying to prepare us for the possibility of some visitors! See it again with new eyes.


Cloud Atlas  (2012)

(  The last 4 digits of the URL are 1111, hmmmm. )

This was adapted from the book Cloud Atlas and features an ensemble cast whose multiple characters permeate each other’s orbits through time and space. It is a stunningly complex epic that left me enthralled long after the final credits. Incredible work by Halle Berry and Tom Hanks, supported by spectacular costumes, sets, and special effects.


Contact (1997)

Jodie Foster plays a lonely  scientist who seeks out communication from the cosmos and meets a charismatic theologian in Matthew  McConaughey along the way. David Morse’s performance as her father is noteworthy. Fabulous use of special effects adds to the appeal.


Defending Your Life ( 1991 )

This funny yet poignant story about the afterlife features Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks.  Shirley MacLaine discusses reincarnation in a cameo role. The plot focuses on the impact of love and fear on one’s evolution. Wonder if the writers read  A Course in Miracles ?


 Groundhog Day ( 1993 )

Bill Murray does what he does best as he tries to win Andi MacDowell’s heart on Groundhog’s Day.    After I watched the movie a few times, I was able to recognize the gradual soul development of Bill Murray’s character. There is more here than meets the eye.


 Heaven Can Wait  ( 1978 )

Warren Beatty is luminous as the football player who dies before his time in this remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan. This tale of reincarnation has a fair balance of comedy and romance. Beatty’s chemistry with Julie Christie here really makes the difference.


  Made in Heaven ( 1987 )

This is another love story starring Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis. They meet in the afterlife and are forced to find each other again on Earth before Timothy Hutton’s character turns thirty. His real wife at the time , Debra Winger, plays God. Two souls head out on separate heroes’ journeys in order to have a chance to reunite. Watch for the surprise cameos along the way!


  The Last Temptation of Christ ( 1988 )

I love Martin Scorsese so maybe I am a bit biased but I adored this over the top interpretation of the life of Christ based on the adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis’s novel . It is brilliantly acted by Willem Dafoe and thoughtfully depicts his inner struggle as he gradually comes to accept his divinity and ultimate fate.


 The Sixth Sense ( 1999 )

One of Bruce Willis’s best performances and shot in Philly to boot! Willis plays a therapist whose young client ( Haley Joel Osment) sees dead people. If you haven’t seen it yet, the ending will blow you away. I would consider this film a modern-day classic.


 Sliding Doors ( 1998 )

This is a tale of parallel universes starring Gwyneth Paltrow as a young woman who makes different choices about her fate. The story-telling is very credible so it is effortless for the audience to buy this premise as plausible. It is a clever take on the road not traveled.


 Somewhere in Time  ( 1980 )

One of my favorites about reincarnation and time travel with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.  I especially liked Jane Seymour in this role as she seems to me to be from a previous era. Christopher Reeves also shows more dramatic range and magnetism that is less obvious in later roles. The story’s pace is nuanced yet compelling as you are transfixed by a stunning score, enchanting sets, and strong chemistry between the two leads.  A truly romantic treasure.


  Vanilla Sky ( 2001 )

Although I am not a Tom Cruise fan, I think he is fabulous as this cocky rich kid caught up in this trippy murder mystery. Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz are both excellent as the women in this enchanted love triangle. The ending was so incredible that I had to watch it over and over again to put the pieces together. Stunning visuals and great soundtrack by director Cameron Crowe’s ex-wife Nancy Wilson.


  Waking Life  ( 2001 )

Richard Linklater is one of my favorite filmmakers and it is very cool that he took on the topic of lucid dreaming. Yes it is very conversational, but this animated feature is thought-provoking and highly recommended for anyone interested in dream exploration.


  What Dreams May Come ( 1998 )

This movie is an emotional roller coaster ride about suicide and the afterlife starring Robin Williams, Anabella Sciorra, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Using spectacular visuals based on Sciorra’s character’s paintings, you are taken on a journey of wonder, awe, and triumph. This is an intense story about tragedy and redemption.


What the Bleep Do We Know !?  ( 2004 )

Quantum physics, basketball,a Polish wedding, and a woman’s transformation; this is the cosmic voyage of What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? ( or What the Bleep Do We Know!? ) This extraordinary film incorporates interviews with scientists and thought leaders into a scripted tale of a woman played by Marlee Matlin who is trying to get on with her life after a marital crisis. It was panned by some critics and applauded by others . I really am amazed that this film was able to get a distributor and reach as many people as it did. The DVD version can be programmed to shuffle the scenes randomly. This cult phenomenon has to be seen to be believed!!

  Zardoz  ( 1974 )

What would it be like if you could not die? Zardoz attempts to give you a perspective on eternal life on Earth. It is a somewhat cheesy take on The Wizard of Oz with a 1970’s mentality. I found the premise fascinating, despite its flaws.


  Tell me about your favorite spiritual movies. What elements speak to you the most? :

Do you prefer sweeping cinematography, computer generated special effects, or an  artfully crafted screenplay carefully translated onto the screen?

What  role does the score and soundtrack play in your choices?

Classic black and white or strikingly vivid Technicolor?

Comedy, drama, documentary, fantasy, animated, sci-fi, , thriller, or mystery?

theatre image by

17 comments on “Litebeing’s Guide to the Movies

  1. Oh you’re an avid film lover like myself… it was my dads love for Sunday afternoon black and white films that never left me… the more the spiritual intrigue the better! Certainly no violence or horror, which I find so much of! I do love colour now, handsome couples in romantic stories too. I’ve seen half of the films you mention so I can check out the rest on my illegal Netflix film channel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all❤️ Much love, Barbara x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I love that your dad’s love of film carried into your own. My parents also exposed me to great food, film, books, art, music, travel, and theater, each in their own way. I have much more time now to see films new and old. There are still a few on my list above that I have not gotten to yet.

      x Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy says:

    The Matrix … the moment Neo realizes he is in complete control and that nothing in the Matrix can actually harm him.

    What Dreams May Come … probably changed my life more than any movie I have ever seen.

    Crash … took me a while to put the pieces together but the way the writer brought these lives together and showed us how much we are influenced by others was incredible! Took my breath away!

    Interstellar … space, time travel through a wormhole, and Matthew McConaughey, what’s not to love?

    Return to Me … the heart wants what the heart wants. The power of love really is beyond our ken.

    Together (Chinese, subtitled) … brilliant look at our ability to find family in the most unlikely places.

    Those are some of them. Film is such a powerful medium for storytelling. I love getting lost in a really good movie.

    Love you, Linda,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Cindy for your suggestions and reviews. I have seen all except Together, which sounds interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cindy says:

        Awesome! It is a beautiful movie. Hard to find, though. Get the tissues if you watch it…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Late again in arriving Linda… And you have given us an impressive list of films… ” What the Bleep!” a great film to watch, Also the city of Angels, another great film which gave lots of food for thought.. I must earmark the Bee Season.. one I have not watched… Ground Hog day I watched and it often pops back up in the film section again and again with my TV Box, lol… Living up to its name.. haha..

    I trust all is well with you Linda… Take care of you…
    Much love your way ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue,
      I just visited you post about Being and Bee mandala and now your interest in Bee Season takes on a new meaning! 🙂 I highly recommend Bee Season. It is one I had to see a few times to grasp more of its meaning and symbolism.

      love to you, Linda ❤


  4. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing your long list of good movies.
    I have not seen most of them, except Groundhog Day.

    I like any movie that shows metaphors about the illusion of the world and how to wake up from it. For example, The Truman Show, The Matrix, The 13th Floor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Karin,
      I love film and books equally and sometimes films based on books 🙂
      I did see Truman Show and Matrix. I did not like The Matrix ( don’t tell anyone 🙂 ) and watched it a few times hoping it would click/ Thanks for suggesting the 13th Floor, I do not know that one. You might like the film Tomorrowland with George Clooney based on your preferences. Here’s a link on my review:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karin says:

        Thanks for the suggestion and the review. That sounds interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        It was interesting, escpecially if you have not visited Disney World or Disney Land. Did you visit the World’s Fair? They had one in Germany in 2000.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Karin says:

        No, I haven’t visited the World’s Fair in 2000 or Disney Land.
        Thanks for your recommendations.


  5. Hi Linda, I realized wordpress has made me unfollow you – what is wrong with them?? But now the error is fixed. I do not even know how that happened.
    I have not seen the large part of the movies you recommend but Marriage Story was great. Obviously, Cloud Atlas is a movie and a book that I am obsessed about.
    Let’s see who wins today – I guess not Little Women 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      hi Monika,
      I was not aware I unfollowed you. WP has its moments. Yes, I know we share an affinity for Cloud Atlas. I have no idea who will win and I do not have anyone or any film I am rooting for. I enjoy the spectacle and it is such a nice escape from mundane life.

      PS I loved the book Little Women and saw the 1990s version. I think Greta Gerwig has a long career ahead of her.


      1. I meant that I accidentally and unknowingly unfollowed you. Ah, well, I’ve fixed it now.
        I’ll be watching some highlights tomorrow because I value my nightime sleep😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        oh, welcome back! 😉

        Yes, sleep is so important, especially for Mercurial types who tend to not sleep well.


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