Art is My Medicine ~ Mercury Retrograde Mars in Capricorn Edition

Happy Mercury retrograde season litebeings! This is the first one of the new decade and it happens to coincide with Mars moving into Capricorn. Mercury in Pisces screams art to me and Mars is exalted in the sign of tenacious, go-getting, ambitious Capricorn so I have chosen Georges Seurat, artiste exalted to infinity. This is not really an astrology post, merely an excuse to showcase awesome art. We have not done this for quite some time, so when the muse knocked on my door, I opened it cheerfully! Some readers know Seurat is a favorite of mine. Tonight I am featuring a few landscapes, most of which are less famous but beguiling just the same.

Pointillism is a technique that promotes universality and inclusion. Each dot is unique and precious, contributing to the mystery of all that is.

images courtesy of public domain

19 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ Mercury Retrograde Mars in Capricorn Edition

  1. Nice to meet you, Linda. Art is healing medicine. There were many times pictures, music or even drawing expresses what words can not. This is one of the many reasons I love teaching expressive art therapy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Blessings, Lisa

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    1. Hi Lisa,
      Nice to meet you also. I agree that art often fills a void left by other means of communication. I flirted with the idea of being an art therapist and would imagine your work is very fulfilling. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      blessings, Linda

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  2. I am so glad that I waited to read this! Tonight I spent a long time with an old family friend I have reconnected with in the last week. He is a Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Virgo rising and a brilliant artist! This new moon energy has his head in a spin. Loved reading this and seeing the beauty of our world through Seurat’s eyes! You take care, Linda! ❤ ~C

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