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I am starting a series on the different ways we can return home to God. Eckhart Tolle mentions portals into the unmanifested in his brilliant book The Power of Now. There are many roads home and I plan to share some of mine in future posts. I would like this series to be interactive. I am inviting you to think about how you come home.

Do you use Music? Art?

Church, Temple, Meetinghouse, Mosque?



Chemicals ( including food)?

Where are your sacred spaces? Where does the earth have higher vibrations?

Use the comments section below to share some of your ideas.

Here’s a sneak preview of home for me: Music is often a portal for me and has been one constant throughout my life. As I have evolved, I have noticed that some old favorites have taken on a different meaning or tone (pun intended !).  Listen to this Billy Joel song very carefully and let me know what you notice.



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 image by © Slowbird | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

26 comments on “Returning Home: The Series

  1. shreejacob says:

    Nice post and questions! I use music and art…well art is my new discovery…experimenting with them 🙂
    And I think it’s my room…that’s where I meditate and where my imagination takes flight. 😀
    I sorta know where my home is…though of course in reality it’s within us…but there is this place…. 🙂


  2. amberskyef says:

    I think what solidifies me most in the present is simply breathing, realizing, anatomically, what it takes to breathe and understanding that taking a simple breath is a powerful thing. So I just breathe, and simply thinking about my own breath makes me “come home.” It’s mindful meditation, something my therapist taught me, and it helps me enjoy the present moment and the act of simply being alive.


    1. thank you for sharing your practice. I also use the breathe to center myself. it is always available to us and often the simple ways prevail.


  3. Hello Linda! Living in the now is very hard to do sometimes… the past invades, the future thoughts and dreams invade. Then, you realized in that one moment you are happy feeling the warm breeze of the wind, the birds singing and noticing the flowers poking up through the ground. Nature that is what brings me into the now. Thank you for the loving reminder.


    1. Hi Karen,
      I agree that we are often torn in so many directions. But I find that I am the most alive and a-love when I am present in the moment. One of my old favorite songs is “Up where we belong” There is a line that says ” All we have is here and now, all our lives out there to find.” And it is clearly the truth.

      love and light, Linda


  4. bneal817 says:

    My doorways to the infinite? Nature, silence, music and poetry, intimacy, solitude, fasting…

    Also psychedelics, among which the psilocybin mushroom deserves special mention for being a completely natural way to dissolve the mind’s habitual structures and usher in whole new states of consciousness and dimensions of being… simply incredible!


    1. Its great that you have multiple portals at your disposal. Suppose mushrooms would be included in my food category! Someone very wise convinced me eventually that all that we ingest has a chemically mood- altering, consciousness- shaping component. Come back and visit here often.

      in light, Linda


  5. thanks Ann for your thoughtful comments and your follow. I am glad to hear that music is once again a part of your life. It has been one of the fewest constants throughout both my “dark nights” and blissful awakenings. Namaste, Linda


  6. annesquared says:

    The more I learn about math, science and technology, and watch the new technology develop, the more connected I feel to the universe. I don’t have a struggle with science vs nature. I have a pull to the oceans. I think that is normal for most people, isn’t it?
    My greatest “connections” are seasonal and getting longer as I get older – spring and fall. Usually a light sleep or meditation, but it can happen any time now. I have started (again) to incorporate music – I forgot how powerful it can be.


  7. Home is a place of comfort and sharing. Being “at home” to me means being in nature and sharing in her beauty and secrets. The natural melodies heard are voices of God as they can send my spirit soaring.


    1. thank you Eddie for adding to the conversation. I also find a solace in nature that quenches my thirst for awe.


  8. thank you for sharing with us. The Guest House is one of my favorite Rumi poems. Living on the water must be quite an adventure. Please visit my blog again soon.



  9. For as long as I remember, my dreams have been about returning home. It is the main theme to this day. Home is a state of being which may be only attained at the end of life. What was it Rumi said? This body is a guest house?
    My actual home is a boat, which is nice because you can raise the sails and go elsewhere easily. But as I get older that desire to escape is lessened. But the adventure continues all the same.


  10. All of the above but mostly through some kind of meditation, qigong or some energy work. Oh and water even a nice salt bath soak. If I can think of something more inspirational to say, I will.
    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


  11. A thought-provoking question. I think I am always on the lookout for home, having Neptune and the North Node in the fourth house… Having the Moon in Taurus, I need nature to be able to feel the higher vibrations. I am lucky to live by a large forest. It is the first time I’ve been able to live so close to nature and I know now that living in the heart of the city makes me feel trapped.
    My absolute number one sacred places are the mountains, though. I think I have a pagan soul in a way.
    I know I always quote Jung, but let me quote him one more time:
    “Through scientific understanding, our world has become dehumanised. Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos. He is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional participation in natural events, which hitherto had a symbolic meaning for him. Thunder is no longer the voice of a god, nor is lightning his avenging missile. No river contains a spirit, no tree makes a mans’s life, no snake is the embodiment of wisdom and no mountain still harbours a great demon. Neither do things speak to him nor can he speak to things, like stones, springs, plants and animals.”
    Pity we have lost it, isn’t it?


    1. Thank you Monika? for your thoughtful reply. Moon in the 4th here so home is a preoccupation of sorts. I love the mountains also. It used to be water, especially the ocean, that offered me solace and knowingness. I lately prefer the comfort of the trees and all the creatures that inhabit their shelter.

      I don’t mind the Jung quotes, I value your expertise. The quote is lovely and I agree with you about the current disconnect between humans and the earth. I actually know a woman who channels and talks to the stones, trees, etc. She has helped me reconsider how to communicate and more importantly how to listen.

      in light, Linda


      1. Wow, that must be an incredible woman! You are lucky.


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