Thank view!

Thank you for supporting me and this blog. In case you have not been to the party, it’s still in full gear. The free readings have been claimed and I will be in contact with the recipients shortly.  But there is still plenty of food, music, and drinks, so please join in on the revelry.

The day that we reached 111 followers, we also hit 500 likes. I like that very much. In 5 months of blogging, that averages to about 100 likes per month. Currently at 2925 hits, we are just shy of 3000, another milestone. Considering my lack of expectations for this project, these stats are jaw-droppingly awesome.

Talk to me!  I am always interested in what you have to say. Tell me what type of posts are your favorites, suggest future topics, it’s all good…….  I really care about your opinions and ideas. You all inspire me so much more than words can fully articulate, yet words are the tools available at my disposal.

I have more goodies up my sleeve, so stay tuned. If my posts are not showing up in your reader, refreshing the follow may help 🙂   There will be movie reviews, more poetry,  new posts in both the Returning Home and Collisions series, just to name a few…

Until the next time,  thank you for viewing and for simply being you!

in light, litebeing

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19 thoughts on “Thank view!

  1. I love the energy of all you posts. Like Monika I have often thought about and would love to read about your dream group experiences, but I also understand if you don´t wan to share them publicly. Love, Deelia


  2. bloggers delight – to reach milestones – i am 2 – i know what u feel – i wished to create a monument and lo it generated a momentum like the chronometer, self driven – now i dont have to post and people kind of visit the so called monument – wonderful feeling , i know and i 2 am only 3 months old – great good luck and cheer.


    1. thank you for the affirmation! I used the 111 followers as a nod to numerical sequences and as a way to get folks involved in the process. I value the friends I have made much more than the stats, yet it feels great to have people enjoy your craft.

      blessings and congrats on your blog! Linda


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