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This story has been around for months now.  It is time to dust it off and take it out of storage. The actual event happened in early February ( for me a very fortuitous time), yet I kept it stashed away with the other drafts. Why the wait?? I did not want to finish the story. Too many memories and  bittersweet emotions were rising to the surface and I simply did not want to deal.  I began questioning my intentions “Do I blog about this or not? Will anyone care about this anyway?” The answer came quickly but the writing dragged at a snail’s pace. So here we are four months later and I am still stalling!

I do think this story is worth telling and hope it proves to be both provocative and compelling. So without further adieu:

By flickr user ninjapoodles [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I drove to a popular Indian restaurant for lunch on the way home from dream group. I had a wild craving for lamb biryani which could not be denied. Driving down the hill towards the shopping center, I realized that a former  chain restaurant was situated in the very same place. I quickly reflected on a college boyfriend’s affinity for their double stuffed pizza. He often brought take-out to my house when we were dating.  This is when I discovered their amazing red double -stuffed pizza. He bought a lot of takeout because I was not much of a cook back then. Little has changed! It has been so many years since I last tasted this decadent, greasy, cheesy delight.

I find it strange that I am now spending more time in this Philadelphia suburb.  This area had been pretty much forgotten about by me. My life has taken me in many different directions since then. I had worked down the street from here right after college graduation. At that time Indian food was less mainstream and lunch usually consisted of sandwiches or hoagies. Much of this neighborhood has changed, but it has still retained its charm.

The colorful dining room before me is rather empty. Some lovely music is playing in the background and the smell of spices lingers in the air. When I enter the restaurant , the waiter motions me to a table directly behind a young couple. The man is sitting towards me and the woman is sitting directly across from him. The man is speaking rather loudly so I can hear most of the conversation. It begins “I traveled to the ashram in India to worship with ***** (an Indian Guru). I stayed for several weeks.” He goes on to describe his experiences there. I immediately realize that my college boyfriend had visited the very same ashram to spend time with this guru. I think to myself ” I am surprised that people talk about this guru anymore as he has been dead  for quite some time. ”  I look forward to my vegetable samosas when they arrive:

by kspoddar

The samosas are crunchy on the outside, with a fluffy potato and pea filling that is spicy and comforting. I cut them up in small pieces and dip them in the chutney. Then I generously pour raita over them and savor the hot/cold, crispy/soft, and savory/sweet elements and textures. Just like the imposed duality of living, there is enjoyment within the complex messiness.

I can hear the young man’s voice over the music once again. I wonder if he is trying to impress his companion with his intellectual prowess. He then compares Eastern spirituality to Judaism and how the people in India were less repressed. I find it interesting because Judaism is a part of my heritage. The conversation then progresses to his enjoyment of a Grateful Dead cover band. I practically worshiped the Dead as a teenager and young adult and had seen both The Jerry Garcia Band and The Dead with aforementioned college boyfriend. He then discusses a particular Philly Neighborhood. The streets he mentions are very familiar because I lived only a few blocks away as a senior in college. He goes on to detail his car being burglarized while living there. My car was also broken into a couple of times in that section of town, all those years ago. Unfortunately, that situation was not uncommon at all. Yet, I continue to be amazed by all these shared life events. His were quite recent, while mine occurred decades ago!  I am feeling rather vulnerable, like in those dreams when you are outside and realize you are naked.  My mind wanders back to my senior year, filled with so many dreams and way too much drama. Where is my biryani ?!!

by Karan Verma

The lamb is fork tender and gamy, just how I like it. The rice is spicy and loaded with cashews, onions, and perhaps raisins. The sweet mango chutney and cool raita are wonderful contrasts to the steaming hot savory meat/ rice mixture.While I am deep in biryani heaven, I think about all those Indian meals I ate during college. Am I there or am I here…. Who IS this couple? Should I introduce myself ? When I have either dreamed of someone or overheard a meaningful conversation, I have been known to tell the party all about it. I figured that this information may be valuable in some way. I mull this over while waiting for my leftovers to be packed up. I decide to leave well enough alone and smile over at  the couple as I leave the restaurant. I am so grateful to make my exit to the parking lot.

I could not make sense of what happened.  It wasn’t a planetary cycle, although the Saturn return of my senior year would have been quite fitting. I have occasionally overheard people talking in public about matters relevant to me. I tend to attract these situations and don’t really get jarred by them anymore. Synchronicity is very common in litebeing’s world.

See related posts –

This experience seemed to be more of an anomaly somehow. It felt quite awkward and somewhat disturbing. Does the spirit of the pizza restaurant live on in this shopping center? Does my love of Indian food and culture attract some type of quantum vortex ? Is that couple now living a distorted version of my former life?  Was something added to the food that altered my perceptions? (no, just kidding!) What possible lesson is meant for me by examining my senior year? Am I simply more able to access different realms without even trying? Perhaps I was more open as a result of participating in the dream group.  Four months later, I honestly still have no idea. Perhaps the act of blogging this story may generate some insights for me………….

Please share your experiences with parallel time and space. I know I am not the only one out there! I am curious what triggers these events for people and what happens afterwards. Instead of posing questions, comment as you feel led and feel free to suggest some questions of your own.


I have included the song Eye in the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project because it was on heavy rotation during college. This song has multiple meanings for me. For one, when I would hear it playing, I thought it confirmed the telepathy between me and my boyfriend.  We were very connected to one another, even long after we broke up.  It also has a haunting quality that seems to complement this post. Imagine if it were playing in the restaurant while we were dining!

For a  final touch, I included Taylor Swift’s 22. I was 22 when I lived in said neighborhood and dated said boyfriend. My days contained so much promise, confusion and exhilaration. (And the occasional exam or term paper!) That year of life was so jam-packed with romance, adventure, heartbreak, accomplishment, freedom, disappointment, excitement, and sheer fun.  I was finally on my own, making  everything up as I go along. Taylor, my home girl from Wyomissing ( I lived in nearby Reading as a child) did an amazing job capturing that time of transition and youthful exuberance.  So whether you are 22,82, 12, or somewhere in between, play the song and consider what it would be like to step into a parallel dimension –  where you embrace the joy and levity of a pop- song worthy moment.

update 9/22/13: I have been back to the restaurant a few more times and found myself both relieved and disappointed that I remained in ” real -time.” I was back this past Friday after my dream group and the biryani remains stellar. I noticed a few odd appearing people waltz in and out of the restaurant, but nothing particularly mystical occurred until …  the check arrived.  Look closely ( image is dark) at the picture below.

get-attachment (14)

I have never been happier to pay tax in my life!  Wonders never cease.

pizza by  flickr user ninjapoodles [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

samosa by  kspoddar

indian entrees by Karan Verma

54 comments on “Scenes From An Indian Restaurant: Collisions of Parallel Time

  1. alohaleya says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post Linda. I agree with the others that the food was very tantalizingly distracting! haha. I like what shamanictracker says (I miss her, where’d she go?) about unfinished business. I’m living in the city I attended university in, and it’s crazy how I keep hearing songs from those days – like everywhere I go it’s time travel.

    And – surprise surprise – I met up with an old university friend today, and I was telling her that I feel there’s some healing going on, as I walk the same streets and remember all those emotional, awesome, terrible times from my college days in this very city!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      so glad you enjoyed this post. Seems like you are time traveling too, like I was at the restaurant. Shamanic goddess has stopped blogging. I Hope she will return. I really miss her too! Its been fun chatting today on WP. BTW I adore Indian food. Had frozen biryani for dinner, yum 🙂
      much love, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Hi Linda, I just got to this post from your share in one of the comments, thanks for sharing it. I was waiting for you to introduce yourself, but obviously it was not meant to be that way. I have no idea what this all means, I have never experienced that sort of situation before (many many deja vu moments but not what you described). What I do know is that I really want some samosas from my local Indian restaurant right now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Kellie,
      Yes I gave you some links on my guest blogger post after you asked about more stories with a similar theme ( reincarnation). I am happy with how I wrote this story and it really happened.

      I was waiting for you to introduce yourself, but obviously it was not meant to be that way.

      What do you mean Kellie? I do not understand about introducing myself.

      Anyway I indulged my passion for Indian food here by channeling my inner food critic 🙂 I would love some samosas too!


      1. kellie@writingmoment says:

        Oh…I meant introduce yourself at the restaurant 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        Oh, I had no idea what you meant! I was really considering it, but I was scared. scared of who these people were. Were they real, were they from another timeline, were they regular people and would talking with them “break the spell”? Plus I did not really think my entering their experience would enhance their lives. It was all about me. But I could be wrong 🙂


      3. kellie@writingmoment says:

        I also had the feeling that they may have been from a different time!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. reikiheidi says:

    Great story linda, and such a strange event! Have you read ‘Celestine Prophecies’? I think you’d love it… in there it tells us that whenever a random ‘coincidence’ occurs, we should take it as a sign and interact with it, follow where it may lead. Maybe you missed a trick in not speaking to the man… then again, it does feel weird to just walk up to total strangers and explain this! 🙂 Maybe it was ‘closure’ for you re; said ex-boyfriend, reminding you that once it was a nice place, but that you’ve definitely moved on?
    There’s a pub round the corner from me that me & partner used to visit regularly before our son was born… and every time we did, something weird would happen. Not with other people, but our conversations, feelings, visions… it’s kind of hard to explain. The weirdest thing though – & people are going to think I’m nuts here, but I swear it to be true… I visited the ladies, and washing my hands I looked into the mirror… & got a flash of a past life with my NOW-partner.. it was Gallic, and I saw his death in that life, cut with a sword by a soldier, sliced down from the neck.
    It was a second or seconds, but such a strong image! I couldn’t believe it and doubted myself. Back in the pub my partner saw something was wrong with me and I told him (after preparing him) what I’d experienced. He wasn’t surprised. We spent the rest of the evening discussing it!

    Sorry for long post! Anyway, that was a pretty strange experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I read the Celestine Prophecy and even saw the movie! I did not think about it while at the restaurant though. If I had, perhaps I would have inriduced myself! Thanks for sharing your story about the pub, certain places have frequencies that perhaps help us access more information that is not typically available.I would go back and visit again and see what happens!


  4. shreejacob says:

    I haven’t really had stuff like this happen to me before…but totally loved the story!!
    I have had deja vu experiences which have been really really surreal…but that’s about it! ..well, unless it’s been happening and I don’t pay attention to it!! hehe


    1. I am having so much fun chatting with you about these old posts! I have only had this happen to me quite like this once ( this story) with a couple other episodes of lesser intensity.This phenomenon does not seem to get much exposure , at least not for me! It may have happened to you and you may have dismissed it, I initially disregarded this event until it kept going and going…


  5. ptero9 says:

    I have a crazy theory that there is a non-material place and we go there when we dream and when we’re not in a body and we have a lot of friends in this other place that we don’t know here.
    I have these same sorts of experiences that you describe here and I think a lot of people have them. Perhaps some of us pay more attention to them than others do?


    1. I just adore your theory Debra and it is comforting to know that I am not alone in this way, particularly with the ” time travel”. I am curious about your adventures, perhaps you may blog about them sometime?


      1. ptero9 says:

        Hi Linda,
        Yes, it’s a great topic, and one that’s been on my mind even more since my friend Regina passed away. Frequently I feel her near me and shortly after she died, but before I knew about it, I had a dream in which I awoke and new that she had died. The dreams too long to explain, but I do wonder how many of us have these experiences and don’t know what to make of them.
        Thanks you for reblogging those posts and sharing yourself with us! 🙂


      2. Sorry about your friend, but happy to know your feel her presence around you. Some of my experiences, like the synchroncities I have described, are rather commonplace for me now, but possible angels and alternate realities in time and space really grab my attention. Sharing with like minded people can be quite liberating.

        thank you for your great comments!


      3. ptero9 says:

        🙂 you’re welcome!


  6. Wonderful article–thanks so much for posting this! Our strong emotional responses to places and experiences often have a way of increasing the incidence of coincidences (aka: reality shifts). Some of the wildest synchronicities I’ve experienced have happened when visiting places of significance to me… or at significant times. Overheard conversations can be a rich source of a sense of connectivity between otherwise unrelated people. I once walked into a place I was visiting for the first time where many people were talking, and heard several different people’s voices say a complete sentence of greeting to me. It was something like, “Welcome” “Cynthia!” “So” “glad” “to” “see” “you” “here!” I was truly amazed.


    1. wow! what a great story!! It pays to really be aware and listen.

      I thank you for your feedback, The idea of emotional resonance impacting reality shifts in such a way ( overheard conversations) gives me plenty to ponder. Glad you enjoyed the post!


  7. vision5d2012 says:

    Dear Linda — an amazing tale, told well. Congratulations for being courageous and sharing it with us. There is much to be gained from these “life reviews” as I call them. Instant transports back to specific moments of “past lives” that usually have one or more nuggets of something that needs to be released, so I can lighten my load and be more present in my life. Some of these things are downright embarrassing. Others make me cringe to think I could have said/done something so harsh or so cruel to anyone. But as I look them in the face and allow them their space to be, something sloughs off within me and I breathe and let go, knowing it was part of the journey that got me HERE. I find doing the Hawaiian prayer, Ho;oponopono, very helpful. If there is a specific person in the memory, or a painful or disturbing situation I must look at, I place my hand over my heart and say (to the person and myself) “I’m sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you; I love you.” That’s the prayer. I say it until I feel neutral about what I just “saw.” Then I move on. Hope this helps. With much love to you, Alia


    1. Good to know that others go on these “instant transports”. I like the Ho;oponopono prayer, thank you for reminding me of it. Still am unclear about purpose(s) of this realm trip, but am open to receiving whatver is for the highest good.

      love, Linda


      1. vision5d2012 says:

        Openness to receiving the Highest Good will take you all the way HOME, I’m pretty sure. Blessings, Alai


  8. Are you still in contact with or hear updates about said boyfriend? I feel this Indian restaurant experience may have been the Universe conveying a message from him for you, or that he’s thinking a lot about you.


    1. not lately! We have drifted in and out of each other’s lives many times but no contact in quite awhile. A few years ago he sent me a facebook friend request but I did not respond. But you could be right, he is very psychic and he could be thinking about me. I really appreciate your comments because this experience has left me puzzled and unsettled.

      in light, Linda


      1. Have you thought of contacting him to see if there is anything he needs to say to you?


      2. not really,

        honestly, I do not think there is anything unsaid or unfinished. He is far from shy and would try to reach out if he had something to say to me 🙂


  9. Lol to the song ’22’ as I just LOVE that song. I mean, anyone who has seen my pics knows that I like TS, but there is something about that song that makes me forget I am in fact 32 and not 22! Sometimes I sing, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32!” I love this blog post and I know what you mean about the synchronicities, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I’d lost my mind by now with all of them. I ponder on what this means for you and don’t get any clear answers, as I think the mystery may need to linger a little longer. I wonder if maybe you are to contemplate something about your past, as you said, but maybe it’s just a full circle thing. I have had a few of those here recently.


    1. I really like TS too, my favorite one is Mean. She has such great energy, and comes from a town near where I spent part of my childhood, which is cool. I was hoping you would read this post because I knew you can relate. I just have to be patient and see what I can take away from this encounter. If anything comes to you later, feel free to let me know 🙂

      and welcome back!


      1. You know I will, as it has been on my mind. Sounds like a glitch in the matrix to me! But the more I learn, the more I realize how deep it really goes, and that means what happened to you may not be explainable. At least not in a way most people would understand right away. I have an upcoming post that should be interesting!


  10. My sweet friend, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link:


    1. Namaste Tazein the Award Goddess!


  11. Hey Linda, difficult to focus on your story with all that yummy Indian food… (you must be an amazing food writer in one of the parallel universes 🙂
    Here’s shamantracker’s take on the story, whenever we are pulled back into our past in such a remarkable manner, there is some ‘unfinished business’ going on and a chance for you to complete that chapter of your life.
    Hope this helps xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for your insight into this experience! I have not entered into this particular realm often, so it is quite unusual for me. I also agree that food critique comes naturally and I hope I am hanging out with the likes of Anthony Bourdain in the ethers 🙂


  12. Soul Fields says:

    I once shared that I have received it so that the parallel realities intersect each others, like the circles in the symbol of Olympic Games. Could this be a version of that phenomena? 😀 It is fun to play with the idea at the least.


    1. – circles, an incredibly meaningful symbol for me, love love love circles…


      1. Soul Fields says:

        Not a surprise then that I was reminding myself of the meanings of circle the other day. 😀

        (And thanks :D)


    2. where did you share this , on your blog? I love references, as u may know by now. I don’t know if this applies in this case, but it could be a possibility.

      thank you Deelia


      1. Soul Fields says:

        I shared it on my previous blog address, which doesn´t exist anymore. It was just on my little introduction of sharing a couple channellings about parallel realities. I include the links, although you´ve seen these already. Love, Deelia


  13. Absolutely amazing and savory tale of quantum existence in an Indian eatery. Although like Pavlov’s dog I am salivating all over my keyboard. How could you be so descriptive and include pictures, reminding me of food I haven’t had since I left Los Angeles. Granted Phoenix has Indian food, Louisiana did not and I just haven’t had the opportunity. Quantum jumping seems to be a real theme lately Linda. I noticed it about the same time of your restaurant visit as I was driving through New Mexico on February 19th. It has continued and recently reading Cynthia Sue Larson article “Quantum Jumping,” on her Reality Shifters Blog, also hearing Wayne Dyer speak of it and someone else, I think Brian Weiss at The Hay House World Summit. Also just making my own blog post about it as I see you have a post up and skip over to read it. Then again, I suppose that won’t surprise you. The merging of time/space, the no time of existence these days is just phenomenal.

    I really enjoyed the content of your post but also the writing, so colorful and flavorful. Everything but Taylor Swift. (Frowny Face) but Alan Parson Project, YES!!!

    Namaste Sister,


    1. love your reply!! will write more when i am able 🙂

      Namaste dear friend


      1. Love to you my sweet, talented friend.



    2. Thank you for your support as always, my dear Sindy! I am in love with Indian food and would have it daily if I could. I am fortunate that many wonderful Indian places are located in my area. Do you have any favorite dishes?

      Regarding my story, I am glad to hear that you have an understanding of what I experienced through your own lens. Thank you for the resources on Quantum jumping. I really want to learn more about this phenomenon. I hope to get it more intellectually before it happens in my being, if I get to choose 🙂 I must admit that this particular one was very unnerving.

      Let me know when your post about quantum jumping is up, love to hear more from you!!



      1. Read Cynthia Sue Larson’s, she is a spiritual physicist. Reality Shifters Blog~


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