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I like it when certain dates rotate back to the same day of the week. Today is one of those days. Friday September 10th is today. It reminds me so much of another time, Friday September 10, 1982. And since I just learned that the Jewish New Year is 5782, today is technically Friday 9-10-82 !

This is a somewhat stream- of – consciousness piece, inspired by a thought that emerged earlier today. While outside in the bluest of skies , taking in the brilliance of the sun and breeze, I heard ” This is the kind of day dreams are made of. ” And it is, and it was!


( I do want to note that the header photo  was taken a few years ago. I wanted to capture the blue of today’s sky. All other images were taken today.)

This brilliance of sensation and emotion of today was so similar to that of   Friday September 10th 1982. The scene is set in Bensalem PA when I was 21 years old. I have long associated Bensalem and the entire Bucks County with cosmic powers.  I had a job as a Resident Assistant  working overnight in a Community Living Arrangement. I recently met and had spent some time with the upstairs supervisor. He was friends with my supervisor and both lived and worked upstairs in this two story house. We knew each other just a few days. It was now Friday evening and I wanted to watch some TV ( nothing has changed since then!). For some reason the television would not work. I went to get this young man to help me. Very quickly he fixed the issue. He hung out with me, showing me photos from his trip to India. At some point we kissed. We were together ever since ( until we broke up.)

There was no September 11th to consider. I can promise you that I was on a high on September 11, 1982. I found this amazing man right at my new job. I figure we would have met anyway because we attended the same college. I often notice these overlaps with people who become important in my life. What is most remarkable about that day and today is the weather and its impact on me internally. There is this magic, this lightness that I have felt before. I felt it today at home, at Pendle Hill, Longwood Gardens, and other locales.

It is the intersection of really fresh air, vibrant blue skies, lots of light, and a sense of awe.

If I could, I would recreate this attitude within me. I had so many dreams and was freer and more open to life. So many possibilities, so many opportunities for growth and exploration. This man who I became entangled with on this date would stay in my life for many years. We were not a couple for a long time, but we did see each other many times from 1982 through 2003 or so. We have even occasionally connected on social media within the past few years. There was so much love between us. I thought we might marry, but we were not meant for that arrangement. Our conflicts eclipsed our love, which is why our romance was short term.

I brought some new energy into my home today by buying a new Kalanchoe plant. It symbolizes new life at a time when it is needed. It is interesting to note that the Transiting North Node just crossed my IC ( 4th house cusp of soul, home, family, emotions) a day or so ago. It is also noteworthy that this ex of mine has his descendant conjunct my IC. It is significant when both members of a  couple has their natal angles conjunct the natal angles of their partner. I plan to write more about this transit on another occasion but thought it is interesting that our charts are being affected by the nodes right now.

With the moon and Venus both entering Scorpio today, I am more sensitive to the intense emotion and mysterious love. I am hopeful that this Venus in Scorpio period will present me with more chances to create love, beauty, and magick.

I thought it would be fitting to feature some videos from this time period.  Man could they make awesome videos then! While Michael Lutin often compares 2020/2021 to 1982/ 1983 because of the Pluto Saturn conjunctions they both share, 1982/1983 was such a joyous time for me. The conjunction fell in my 8th house and it was a very 8th house time. Plus I was young, in college, living on my own,  with fewer responsibilities and less baggage. I connected my life to music, film, books, and dreams. Listen to some of the videos and ask yourself if they seem dark to you? ( Some may be in fact, on the dark side).

As a final addition, I have included another song that became an ear worm for me today. It is about enchantment, romance, and magick. Happy Jewish New Year and Happy Friday 9-10-21. 

4 comments on “Friday September 10th ~ A ” Dreams are Made of ” Day

  1. Arlene Paul Derozier says:

    I thought of the 60’s song, “What a Day fora Day Dream”, by The Loving Spoonful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes, that works! also, Grazing in the Grass 🙂


  2. Oh my, I adore Alan Parson’s Project!!
    On a different topic, also Venusian, I thought about you today because there is a new exhibition quite near me devoted to Camille Pissarro. I think you like him? I wish you could come with me 🙂 well, in an ideal world


    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I definitely love them too. I enjoy all the impressionists and post impressionists so that would be a yes! I wish I could see the exhibit with you and know we would have a great time. Enjoy yourself and imagine I am there 🙂 An in ideal world I could meet and visit with all my dear online friends all over the globe. Maybe one day I will or maybe teleportation will be commonplace, lol!

      hugs, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

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