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This is the first post in a new series on reincarnation. The idea has been percolating for a good while but thinking about Easter led me to focus more on the seen and unseen, clarity and haze, the present and the parallel. I have done it all, visited channelers in a group and separately, visited psychics, and participated in group and individual past life regressions. My interest in this concept began in my teen years where I imagined a story about past loves and time travel and  decided to write a paper on Hinduism for a freshman course on Religion.

I am beginning this series with India because it is perhaps the strongest connection I have to another place and time. I love the art, architecture , jewelry, fashion, spirituality, music, and cuisine. Almost everything but Bollywood and Vedic Astrology ( which surprises me).  My interest or perhaps obsession is pervasive and almost lifelong. When I consider how many people I have met and spent sustained time with over the decades who are associated with India in some fashion, the number is staggering. So many people I have dated, worked for, worked with, befriended, etc. have either visited India, studied Indian spiritual practices, adored Indian food, etc. is again staggering.  I was fortunate to live in a neighborhood in my twenties that was on the fringes of the Indian community. It was here where I  began my love affair with Indian cuisine. It also put me in contact with Indian immigrants and stores that catered to this population. One Halloween I went to a party dressed as an East Indian woman wearing a Sari. It seemed natural and fortunately was not considered cultural appropriation at the time. How can we appropriate cultures ( for the most part) if it is likely we have lived ( and still are according to time/space theory) these cultures? But I digress and I don’t really want to, so let’s go on…

I have visited many psychics in New Hope PA in my twenties and one woman in particular had a stellar reputation. She also hailed from Brooklyn NY and spoke with a familiar accent. She gave me a reading one mentioning a few past lives. She also was the one who told me my origins are not from Earth, which freaked me out at that time. The past life spent as one of many wives in India stood out to me. There was jealousy and insecurity. I even think I know who spent that life with me, my college boyfriend who went to India to live on as ashram and study meditation with a guru. This theme of being involved with men who were with many women is one that has been quite problematic. Yet, it has not soured my affinity for this intriguing country and its customs and people. I never tire of the food and am fascinated with Hinduism, although I do not practice it.

Food is so important to me, which is why I connect to a culture through its food. As I have often said, I do not have that connection with US cuisine. While I don’t think this is my first rodeo in America, other places call me strongly. I had dreamed of visiting India for so long, but now wonder if it will come to pass. In the meantime, I soak up the flavors and vibration without boarding a plane. All the while wondering if I did spend time married to a man with multiple wives, cooking curry and being subservient.

In any case, I know in my bones that I am so much more than this body, this incarnation, this personality. We keep reliving, recycling, reclaiming our power.

Happy Happy Easter!

images courtesy of, public domain

5 comments on “Always Rising ~ Part I

  1. This is a fascinating topic, Linda. I often think about it, though I have never submitted to any type of regression. I had distinct past life memories of drowning, though. But I have never explored that. Not yet, anyway.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. litebeing says:

      It is fascinating Monika and I plan to add more to this series. I have been told I have drowned in a past life as a child. I also have neck issues presently and have had a dream of being hung, maybe as a witch? You have to be ready to do this work otherwise it can be quite unsettling. You will know when the time is right. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. TamrahJo says:

    Interesting post! I wax/wane between one who always wishes to believe in the magical/unseen (seeing is not believing, believing is seeing!), the skeptic (seriously, in the 70s why were so many of these folks all Cleopatra?) and the scientist/rational mind person (Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only is reused & The number of water molecules in a glass of water is more than all the glasses of water in the oceans of the earth, and we humans drink them, rid them, and they are recycled – so at this point, everyone has had a molecule of water passing through them that once resided within Ghengis Khan (Neil deGrasse Tyson) I don’t know – and the part about appropriation is something on my mind, right now – when one ‘learns’ from another culture, embraces the wisdom of that culture and weaves in the wisdom of that culture into their daily lives, how is that appropriation? I want to ask – but am currently trying to scope out the best people who rage about appropriation, and write about it, to ask – :D. Ah, Linda – – for me? In the end? One lifetime never seems enough to do, learn, experience for me. there is a yearning in my heart to learn/be/experience more – on so many fronts – Scientifically? I have no issue with many of the studies that come out on DNA/Gene Sequencing, energy, matter, cosmology, astronomy and biology – that to me, speak to our inherent ‘stories’ as humans and reincarnation, etc. And well – I’m a child of the stars – because we all have, physiologically, star dust in us – I’m a child of Mother Earth, and she is who nourishes me – I’m a child of today and interitor of more of a past and history than I shall ever fully explore, let alone, understand, fully – – Thanks for listening – – ya know – Yod similarities have been coming up over and over in my ‘learning Tarot’ courses – – You first introduced that term/what it meant, long ago when you did my chart – – I’m still WAITING! for the ‘easier part’ to show up – thus, I might be granted longer time to do all of the above, right? LOL

    Liked by 4 people

    1. litebeing says:

      So glad my post elicited many musings on your part. It is both complex and simple in my book. I plan to write more on this topic.

      Liked by 2 people

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