World Gratitude Day – Pay It Forward

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I have been contemplating my good fortune lately. I am blessed with much love, tolerance, respect, understanding, kindness, generosity, abundance, and creativity.  I decided to pay it forward and here’s how ~

I am offering * free intuitive readings via phone or SKYPE to a few lucky readers. No strings attached!  I am requesting that those who are interested contact me only via email at . Please type the words intuitive reading in the subject line. I may do one reading or a few, have not decided, so enter your request now.

Please take this post as inspiration to give of yourself in the name of service and love. I am looking for people to comment about how they will pay it forward. Use the comments section  below to share your plans and/or to add links to articles and blog posts about acts of paying it forward. Let’s use the post full moon, pre equinox energies to build up momentum for the highest good. Happy World Gratitude Day!

Imagine how many lives we will touch!

disclaimer  In Line with Current US Legislation, I am obliged to make you aware of the fact that intuitive readings are completely for entertainment purposes only and that no liability will be accepted by myself for any course of action that you may take from the reading nor for any consequences arising from such action. My purpose is to help you find the right path to achieving your goals and finding your answers.  

Readings must not be submitted for Medical or Legal Advice as I am not an attorney or a doctor.  Please seek the correct licensed Professional for medical or legal advice. Do not base any actions in your life solely on the information given to you by a reader.  Please Be Aware:  You Are Responsible For Your Own Choices And Decisions That Arise From Any Reading You May Have. 

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22 thoughts on “World Gratitude Day – Pay It Forward

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  2. lisalday111711

    I am presently in school at The Center of Sacred Studies which is affiliated with the 13 Grandmothers. I will be an Ordained Minister but my real goal is to be a spiritual counselor and healer and coach. I plan on offering my services for free to one or two people each month who really need someone to reach out to them. I also do Reiki and help people that way as well. I believe there are those who have nothing that need the most. Those are the people I would like to help while trying to survive while I do it.


    1. thanks Lisa for sharing your goals and gifts here!
      Congrats on becoming an Ordained Minister. I also hope to be a spiritual counselor instead of a generic therapist, to work with people who aspire to step more into their Be-ing….
      It is wonderful that you plan on serving people regardless of their ability to pay. I have learned so much from many who had few resources of the material kind.
      Seems like we have much in common 🙂


  3. Paying it forward was such a lovely movie… although sad at the end when he died doing good… It’s lovely that you are writing about it and giving your services away … I have always given my time one morning a week to people who are eager to awaken, for free, where-ever I lived… sharing and inspiring the new energy consciousness… I call it the Circle of Potential…. as it is about everyones potential creating one big pool that makes a difference in the world…. The ladies I left in Holland lead their own groups now and the ladies here in Spain are quite capable of leading there own group too… At the moment our thursday group is painting ‘Project Peace’ sharing our visions on canvas of a peaceful new world… We have also got a local children’s school involved to do the same… (we have provided the canvas and paints) and the two murals will be exhibited in local restaurants and town hall.. to share the vision with others….
    Something more physical I do is looking for someone to give my parking tickets too, as they mostly still have time left to use… Isn’t it just a great feeling sharing your light in a world full of darkness…. Barbara


    1. Hi Barbara,

      I love the name Circle of Potential. It seems that we have also created one at WordPress! I must admit that in the past I was more likely to do so when I was in a great mood or felt particularly fortunate. Now I see that it is more the other way around – simply share regardless of your situation, bring light simply because you have some light at your disposal.
      I am learning ..
      thank you for describing how you pay it forward. My intention is to use this comment thread to inspire others to do the same. Sometimes inspiration comes by learning about what is possible.

      in light, Linda


  4. I love the idea of paying it forwards…I try to remember it as often as I can…at times, I just do it, for the sake of doing it…you know? But of course the little goblin of mine does tend to pout when he feels that he is owed something…however I think he’s growing out of it..which is a good thing!! Hehe.

    It’s awesome that you are offering your services this way 😀
    As I’ve been so fortunate to get a short reading from you about my personality, I’m going to gratefully say Thank you..and hope those who win enjoy 😀

    And…for those who don’t know…Linda’s reading was SO spot on!! 😀


    1. I must admit that in the past I was not aware enough to use the opportunities in front of me more often to pay it forward, but we can always try again 🙂

      Thanks for the praise, just looking for ways to best serve using what I have been given.


  5. I’m hoping that all the time and energy I keep putting into Collective Prayer Sundays is going to help (1) individuals find greater peace and (2) add up to helping the world find more peace. But I’m hazy as to whether that counts as paying it forward..


    1. Thanks Leigh for addressing your intentions here. I do not know about your Collective Prayer Sundays, but I am curious 🙂 I define paying it forward as doing something kind ( and perhaps random) for someone or for others after someone does something kind for you. The film Pay it Forward was really cool! There was a recent news story featuring people paying each other’s bills at a drive- through restaurant. Someone recently did something very kind for me and instead of an exchange suggested I pay it forward. I sat with the idea for awhile then came up with this post.

      I am really enjoying your presence here, thanks for bringing your light to my space.



      1. It started off as a get something, give something to someone else thing but it seems to have expanded. I feel that my teachers and friends and the universe have taught me well and then my way of paying it forward it so teach what I’ve learned, but I also get that’s an expansion of the original idea…


      2. sounds great to me….

        by the way i visited your blog to check out your bio and we share similar philosophies about navigating and integrating the path. I was happy to read this as so any folks I know cannot or choose not to see the symmetry in the asymmetry of multiple expressions of the divine.


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