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WordPress – Western Style

Julianne of  Through the Peacock’s Eyes had suggested we team up to explore WordPress’ chart after noticing some patterns I mentioned on an earlier post. Please check out her Vedic Version and get 2 for the price of one! I am happy to serve up this fascinating chart,Western Style! (Western Astrology system)


First I sense an extremely sensitive, watery quality that involves the angles ( Ascendant and Midheaven)  and several planets (Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune) and houses ( 8, 12). Let’s first examine the Cancer Ascendant. Here I see a nurturing, family oriented business, that comes across as caring and accessible.  The Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is placed in the prominent 10th house of public standing and destiny. Powerful Pluto in Sagittarius trines the moon, providing the instinctive ability to transform and grow as situations arise. With a Midheaven at 29 degrees Pisces, WordPress is incredibly evolved as a publishing entity. Neptune, which rules the Midheaven, is conjunct Mars in progressive, techno savvy Aquarius. In addition, The Gemini Sun rests on the 12th house cusp, adding a spiritual, behind the scenes flavor.  Mars in inventive, technological Aquarius is conjunct Neptune in the 8th house. This position indicates a receptive – go with the flow – vibe in the house of mystery, rebirth, and other people’s money. Jupiter opposes this planetary combo, adding a larger than life challenge to the mix. There is definitely an emotional, intuitive drive to WordPress.

Next I envision a team built upon optimism, enthusiasm, and genius. An abundance of Fire ( inspiration) and Air ( intellect) work together in unison to assist my favorite online platform. Sun in Gemini conjunct the North Node is versatile, charming, and positioned to shine as a way to fulfill its lifelong purpose. Moon in Aries is full of spark, optimism, and energy! Mars in Aquarius has a lovely quirkiness ( and genius potential) that me and my cohorts have come to know and love. Jupiter in Leo loves to relate with generosity, grandeur and dazzle.

This chart is excellent for attracting talented writers and for thriving as an online publishing leader. Moon in the 10th house means the people (Moon) are front and center. The 29 degree Pisces Midheaven is divinely inspired here. The last degree of Pisces is the final point on the karmic cycle. This is where true mastery and enlightenment resides! Venus is beautifully placed in Taurus here; conjunct Mercury in the 11th house. This denotes both a love of communication, and prosperity through communication in the house of group consciousness, hopes, wishes, and dreams. Jupiter – the purveyor of good fortune, holds court in creative Leo. This operates within the 2nd house, commanding respect and star power in the money/wealth domain. I think this is awesome beyond measure. This makes me wonder if an astrologer was consulted to choose such a successful business chart!

There are some challenges however that must be noted. A fixed T-Square is in effect involving Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune. The outlet or solution to all this dynamic energy is Scorpio in the 5th house. Basically this means that injecting passion, creativity and focus into the working environment is important.  I would also expect that  an atmosphere committed to developing strong leadership, along with strategic planning will spell continued success for this relatively young enterprise.

I would also be aware of Chiron on the descendant in Capricorn. The Wounded Healer with a tendency towards ambition and austerity is in the 7th house of ” other.” The other is often the projected self that we prefer to overlook. This could mean some difficulties with all who partner with WordPress – bloggers, investors, the public, advertisers, etc. The silver lining with Chiron is that wisdom and mastery occur after the wounds turn into purpose and lessons learned. So proper planning and excellent public relations will serve WordPress well.

In order to be fair and objective, I needed to explore all the different forces in this chart. However, the majority of these placements are excellent for growth, expansion, innovation, and popularity. I predict this organization is a winner with a bright future ahead!

One quick personal aside ~ Matt Mullenweg was born on January 11th. That was the day I deliberately chose to begin my blog and create my first post. My readers know I love my elevens!  I did not know who Matt Mullenweg was back then, but find it to be a great blessing that we both share this special day!

Now for WordPress Vedic Style : click here!

12 comments on “WordPress – Western Style

  1. cynt5525 says:

    Thank You for admiring my art work !!! :)*Cynthia


    1. you are welcome and have a great Thanksgiving!


      1. cynt5525 says:

        Happy Thanksgiving to you too !!! 🙂 *Cynthia


  2. A very interesting Post Linda, and excellently delivered.. Interesting how we have through our WP community of friends met so many like minds, I am so grateful for meeting and greeting them and you, We are perhaps drawing our ‘web’ to weave our thoughts tightly into the fabric of the ether as we unite our common threads together .. Uniting our thoughts bring awareness to those who are seeking to find answers…
    I know I am grateful for WP for allowing me the platform to share my thoughts… and mix with others whose messages I enjoy reading, as we each share our words and visions together xox


    1. Thank you Sue for tolerating all the astro lingo in order to piece together some value and meaning here for you. By reviewing my post and reading Julianne’s post, and then reading the various comments, I am beginning to gain a clearer understanding of what is at work here. The natural affinities between us all and our collective visions as artists/healers/lightbeings are natural for a reason…
      sometimes what is effortless is a result of preparation of some kind beforehand. What once surprised me may not be so surprising anymore. When the student is ready, the blogging platform appears!

      xx Linda


  3. shreejacob says:

    Ah! I’m back to do my marathon catch up and I’m glad I to see your blog post right up there in my reader!
    The reading is done so professionally! Not too savvy with the technicalities of the reading but looks like this platform is an idea place for some serious stuff 😉
    Great job Linda!!


    1. thanks Shree, happy to see your comments and smiling face! WordPress is ideal and has a wonderful chart which attracts folks like us just like moths ( sorry I know) to a flame.

      your feedback means so much xx


  4. Yay! Since you’re up, I’ll post now so people can compare right away! Thanks Linda!


    1. I just looked for yours. BTW, it did not launch on its own. I did use the time of 0.01 but it did nothing,
      oh well 🙂

      can’t wait to see yours!


      1. Hmmm…that might be because of what I tried to explain…after you click OK once you’ve set the date and time, you then have to click “Schedule” again. Then I always check under “All Posts” to make sure it says scheduled and the correct time.


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