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The Sun leaves Scorpio today and makes its way into Sagittarius. While Scorpio still reigns, I want to leave you with some closing thoughts regarding  The Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. 

get-attachment (22)

I really admire these 9 beautiful women who took a risk and went on this journey with me. I could not have foreseen ( even with my psychic abilities) that such an emotional investment would be required. Here’s a tribute to 9 amazing women on 3 continents joining together collectively to look deeply within and unlock many mysteries. Thank you Julianne, Heidi, Shree, Karen, Sindy, Sue, Barbara, Lehua, and Shelley!

Please tell me what you gleaned from our stories :

What did you learn about yourself?

How could you relate to these women?

What emotions were evoked by the art, photography, music?

Did you notice any patterns among the posts?

What differences did you find striking?


When I proposed the challenge, I really did not realize how intensely heavy this experiment could be.  After much reflection, I realize that my two last posts were among the most emotionally intimate I have written here. I wrote my Song on the Radio article late at night and finished at 3:20 AM! I tend to write in the evening but this was several hours of pure heart and soul. I pushed away fatigue and kept typing and editing until completion. These exercises had really brought to a head what appeared to be previously handled , long ago  discarded material. This vulnerability is showing up in my writing now. I welcome your feedback as always about how this recent emotionally driven style of expression impacts you the reader. Is it a bit self-indulgent? Is it refreshing or detracting from my primary theme? Feel free to comment away and bring your honest assessments! 

Many exciting changes are in the wind for me and my blogging has made such a positive impact on so many of my goals. Working with the Sugilite really helped “crystallize” what really matters to me and where I will be heading in the near future. I sincerely hope you will all be with me as I make my way forward.

Goodbye Scorpio, I wish you a fond adieu…

Blessings and light to you my lovely readers!

To catch up on your challenge reading

17 comments on “So long Scorpio, a heartfelt adieu

  1. Only just catching up on my reading… but it was my pleasure to join you all on this wonderful challenge… it meant so much to me… new releases… creating space for my new potentials to be birthed… Thanks again Linda for making it all possible… Barbara x


    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you so much for taking the plunge! I loved your story, so poignant and powerfully transformative!

      x Linda


  2. This month has held us all in various moods I think Linda, I loved taking part in the challenge, and it was great to connect with others whom I had not met before.. I think we are all of us drawn to those like minded people we need to connect with.. The lessons seem to allowing us to release that which no longer serves… as we access our memory banks to where perhaps we have kept hidden too long that which is need of letting go… Allowing perhaps on some of us to connect with their feminine side, while others connect deeper spiritually once again..
    For me I see how cycles have worked all my life and I know this chapter with the Retrograde is about to close another to allow more energies in to work… What they will be I still have no clue, but I have been saying for a while now to my hubby, that the challenging work situation which has been very stressful, So I have been asking and sending out via my thoughts for a smoother role in support… So I will see what the next month has in store.. 🙂

    Thank you Linda for the time and for coordinating us all together on this challenge.. It shows me that we have many like minded sisters at hand who help us along our journey as we travel along our similar paths 🙂 xxx


    1. Thank you for joining in on this adventure. I also enjoy meeting new people that set off a divine spark within me. Many of the gifts we all share originate in part from the Divine Feminine and we become clearer vessels as we let go of more and more of what no longer serves …



  3. Lehua says:

    I personally enjoy when one writes with vulnerability. To be honest, I’m always struggling with whether my topics have become too myopic, too. Navel gazing is not always encouraged in society, but I think it’s healthy.

    To be vulnerable simply allows us moments to admit our humanity, so we can slough it off and embrace the divine.



    1. To be vulnerable simply allows us moments to admit our humanity, so we can slough it off and embrace the divine. ~ Beautifully stated, Lehua.

      I really appreciate your feedback. Your open writing style is what drew me to your blog and keeps me reading!

      xx Linda


  4. shreejacob says:

    I need to catch up on the other ladies’ experiences and get to your bonus post. Having trouble with the internet here at my workplace which usually does not happen 😦 BUT I’m plugging on 😀
    Thank you for giving us all the opportunities to work together on this challenge and as I type this the card Three of Cups which usually shows three women in celebration came to mind! (Ladies from 3 continents!)
    As I wrote you about my’s still clearing…though I wish it was in a less painful manner…ah well, I am glad it’s clearing anyways..hehe.
    Don’t ever feel that whatever you post will not help, even if you write stuff related to you because there are always lessons and threads of similarity that will resonated with others! The thing is to share with a sincere heart! (My wise sister told me so :P)
    Can’t wait to see the evolution of your writing and your blog…I’ve bought my ticket to join the ride 😀


    1. 3 of Cups, and you say you aren’t psychic, hehe 🙂
      Thank you for your encouragement, I am still trying to navigate my writing as my life continues to shift. Hold on to your ticket and fasten your seat-belt for the ride ahead.


  5. I cannot begin how happy I am to bid the Dark One goodbye. I am going on a day trip tomorrow (to Germany – not far but still abroad) to take a respite from all that darkness, and I need to get some blonde highlights soon! I’ve had enough, to be honest.


    1. Honestly I have had enough too! I usually love this time of year, but as you know it is all about the transits and progressions 🙂

      You go to Germany to get hair your done? I must surely be confused! Have fun on your trip and enjoy the Sag sun..


      1. Haha, I will have my hair done later, tomorrow is just for fun.


      2. glad to provide a chuckle!
        Figured you were naturally blonde 🙂


      3. I am babbling because I feel the fiery energy already. Sorry, and no problem if you want to delete my comments. I was born blonde, yes, then my hair got darker.


  6. Lovely Linda! What Ephemeris do you use?


    1. thanks dear!
      Just took a glance at my handy Llewellyn calendar. At 10:48 pm EST it heads into Sag!

      My second post starts out with my search to buy this calendar. I will need a new one soon 🙂


      1. Hmmm…I use the Astrolabe Ephemeris (Robert Hand) and the Sun doesn’t shift until tomorrow according to that one. I have found various discrepancies among the blogosphere, but I do not know how it is determined exactly what the astronomical boundaries are, or if there are actually different opinions. Oh, so much to learn! 🙂


      2. Lots of differences in our circle to be sure. When I went to the NCGR conference I took in some Uranian lectures. I am Uranian in nature, but oh my is it different from Western Tropical astrology!

        We will feel the shift in energies, the Ephemeris is just a guide 🙂


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