Happy February!! Why Astrology Works – A Biased Re-View


Happy February to all my radiant litebeings! On this snowy morning with the moon in Aries and Mercury Retrograde nipping at my nose, I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post my first astrology post from a year ago. I am still a couple of days away from my Ascendant return, ( the day that the sun reaches the degree of my Ascendant) but excited about the fresh influx of energy! Please enjoy this re-view and let me know how February has been treating you so far.

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This brief  “rant” is to help the uninitiated understand why I love astrology. This love is illogical, unscientific, and 100 percent biased. Long before I owned an ephemeris or even knew such a thing existed, February was my favorite month of the year. Even though I don’t particularly love winter. Even though I was born in November. When I was a kid, most of my close friends were born within a few days of each other during the beginning of February. I met my teenage crush on February 1st and for a while considered it an unofficial holiday.  My first serious boyfriend was born on February 5th and one of my most magical romances began on Thursday, February 4th. (love the phonetic symmetry)

Once I began taking formal astrology classes and attending astrological lectures, I learned how to properly calculate my astrological chart ( the days before we had computers!!) . Then I discovered that I am an Aquarius Rising. It basically means that the sun enters my first house every year approximately between February 4th and February 6th. For the astrologers reading this, I approximate because I have altered my documented birth-time by a few minutes to correspond better with life events. No one is usually born at 1:00 pm on the dot!!

Why I am posting this ” rant” ? Because I am feeling the pre- ascendant energy take shape! I love the electricity that accompanies the transition from the 12th house to the 1st, the darkness to the light, the hidden to the brightly illuminated. It is truly a rebirth.


constellation Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all my  February Aquarius friends . Come celebrate the coolest shortest month on our calendar. And to those who don’t get astrology, pay attention to when you come back to life. It may surprise you!

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first image courtesy of  http://commons.wikimedia.org

second image courtesy of Roberto Mura (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

19 thoughts on “Happy February!! Why Astrology Works – A Biased Re-View

  1. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Ye-sirree this will be an annual tradition. Happy February in advance ~ I just couldn’t wait any longer to get this party started!

    If you have not already checked out my special sale and giveaway for all astro-services, please visit the pinned front page post for all the details!

    Fresh material is on the horizon so stay tuned 😀


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  3. I think I just went through a period of transition.. And probably have still a ways to go, but I know as we pass the Mid Feb mark I am feeling stronger at least than in the beginning… So thank you for this Linda…. I am learning lots more about Astrology through your posts 🙂 xxx


  4. i also love february – my mom’s bday, best friend’s bday, and most importantly (lol), my bday! it always feels like a special time. tons of blessings on your ascendant return! xo aleya


  5. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie

    Cancerian here, with moon in Virgo! I’ve known a few Aquarians over the years, found them a bit mysterious 🙂 And extremely intelligent 🙂


  6. Hi Linda,
    That is interesting about the ascendant and your relationships. As you now know from doing both my and my husband’s charts, my ascendant is Leo, and he has loads of action in Scorpio, even though his sun sign is Libra. Does this track with what you are saying here?

    If so, it really does explain a lot to me personally as I also love October and November, the time of the year the sun moves into my Scorpio ascendant.

    Pretty cool! 🙂


    1. Hi Debra,
      You are correct in that if we pay attention and know our birthtime 🙂 we will see that our Ascendant time is really another birthday! I feel so happy to see February and feel spring is here ( which is our collective birthtime).

      Regarding you and your husband, His ascendant is near your sun and his moon is near your Ascendant. These are common indicators of strong relationships. Often there are sun/moon links, sun/ascendant links or sun/descendant links. There are many ties between the two of you and I can see why you are together. If you want more info about the details, let’s do this offline.

      It is pretty cool 🙂


  7. Fran Wilcox

    as the child of two Aquarius’s and a Scorpio my self with a Capricorn Ascendant.. Feb. was always a good time for me too… not to mention that it signaled the middle of winter for those of us in Vermont, so it was a harbinger of coming spring.


    1. Hi Fran,
      Thank you for commenting! As you know, Aquarius is the early home/soul point ( IC) for Scorpio in solar astrology, so I could see how this time is very special for you, especially having 2 Aquarian parents!
      Hope to see you soon and Happy February.

      xx Linda


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