Beautiful chaos

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is officially here and I have felt it in way in advance. My internet has been intermittently off and on the past few days so let me post while I can!


I will be using the retrograde period to do some re-vising and re-viewing. Since the transit is in my first house ( which has Pisces intercepted) this cycle, I will be making some changes to my Services page. How else can I serve? How do I bring more of my unique essence  to the proverbial table? Which of my energetic gifts are ready to become front burner?  With Mercury and Neptune happily colliding, it re-inforces my own natal Sun/ Neptune/ Mercury retrograde stellium in the 9th house. So I will be re-visiting how I can best use my Mercury retrograde/ Neptune going forward.

Speaking of stelliums, I will also be re-viewing Donna Cunningham’s extraordinary book on stelliums. This book and author are so special that I am taking my time. I want to be certain I am presenting the material in the best possible light.

get-attachment (1)

Heavy ice and snow on branches has caused massive power outages and wreaked enormous havoc in Pennsylvania. I just photographed this tree near my home that still has plenty of snow on its branches.  Typically the snow does not stay long on this particular tree. Is it not stunning?  I often struggle during times like these when I am left too long with my own thoughts in lieu of cable and internet. Yet I am grateful for a warm home , hot running water, and a somewhat healthy perspective.  So I present this photo as ” evidence” that beauty exists within chaos.

In the meantime, stay warm ( or cool if you live below or near the equator) and stay tuned for my re-visions, re-views, and more!

11 thoughts on “Beautiful chaos

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  3. Keep warm linda… and happy revising and reviewing… winter is a great time to go within and listen to the silence… Take care, Barbara… IAM busy copying all the posts into a pdf and preparing to issue our Ebook very soon… IAM so so thrilled with what we have all created…


    1. Hi Barbara,
      I am loving the challenge and feel free to copy mine now( I think I corrected any typos, etc)

      I cannot wait to see this book and am catching up on the daily offerings. What an extraordinary collection of talent and soul you have “re-assembled” from the great I AM.

      love, Linda


  4. Yall with thaw out soon. I would not like my cable or internet down either but just maybe an opportunity to go within. Thank you for the lovely reading.




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