Nep-Tunes ~ Feel the Muse-ic

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Free association could be a Neptunian phenomenon. After communing today with orange and red leaves in the ‘hood, feeling them crunch under my feet like cocoa crispies, I am inspired. Listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza discuss how to create new realities was also a mind blower. This guy speaks in a way that is simple to understand, yet with excitement and flair. You might want to check out Gaiam TV to see him in action or watch What the Bleep? or go to his website. I like his brand of Law of Attraction, which is similar to Wayne Dyer’s philosophy.

You may know how I feel about Mr. Neptune himself, Pharrell Williams. I first noticed Pharrell in a Mariah Carey video back in 2006 where he portrayed her love interest in Paris. There was this sparkle in his eye that made me take notice. He is incredibly subtle, letting the larger egos dominate. It does not matter, as his genius cannot be denied. Mr. Williams continues to rise to the forefront with his gig as a coach on The Voice. His behavior as a mentor and coach really embody his ideas about creativity. This dude seems to walk the talk and be successful, hmmm. I see him as an enlightened player who is modeling a paradigm shift in awareness. He was born in Virginia Beach, home of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, just sayin’.   I discuss his chart here.  Maybe he ought to team up with Dr. Joe?

So here’s some uni-versal muse-ic for the imminent Neptune move forward. Hang onto your muse, go to a muse-eum, or just chill and let your spirit muse, don’t matter as long as you amuse your Self today and every day!


One of my favorites from the movie Fame, Ascension circa 1980:


The title features Jupiter but I am certain Neptune was also involved:


Listen for the cosmic reference. I was going to use this anyway, but it all colludes in my favor, Neptune style:


neptune courtesy of wikipedia public domain

8 thoughts on “Nep-Tunes ~ Feel the Muse-ic

  1. Loved this and the Muse-ic you gave us today.. I Smile as you describe Mr Williams. And my ears pricked up over ‘The Voice’ as we have such a show here in the UK where Will I Am is also a Voice coach and mentor.. And I so like his attitude to the Law of Attraction too 🙂

    Have a glorious Sunday Linda.. xxx Sue

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