Jupiter trine Venus – Art Debut

Hey Litebeings! Not only did Mars march into Aquarius today, Venus ( 22 Sag) and Jupiter ( 22 Leo) are kissing at 22 degrees of Fire. Can we hear a woohoo? Jupiter trine Venus is abundant love and beauty and fortune. I definitely got a hit of this transit today and it feels good.

Enough about me; I have other business tonight. Those who have been reading here lately know that my friendships are the gifts that keep on giving. Old , new, renewable, whatever; these remarkable souls have graced my existence. I cannot stress this point enough. Please consider how precious are those who know you well and still want to hang out with you!

Today I received permission to share a couple of paintings by my dear friend Caryn. Her sun is in Aquarius so there is an astrological tie-in! Let’s honor the Aquarians in our tribe.

caryn's painting

Caryn's painting2

We have known each other since our twenties and I have always been enchanted by her creativity. She is a great cook, splendid gardener and a gifted artist. Can you believe she is not lining gallery and museum walls? I cannot imagine a world without her spark. She is such a kind soul with great wit and an infectious laugh. So glad she reappeared back in my orbit.

If you want to see more of her work,  let me know!!

Jupiter plus Venus in the fire element equals abundance of kindness and beauty. Wishing you buckets of Jupiter Venus manna today and everyday.

Namaste, litebeing

14 thoughts on “Jupiter trine Venus – Art Debut

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