Saturn Square Venus in Pisces – Bare Bones Bliss






I am really drawn to these stunning Gustave Dore paintings I found today while looking for art to support Venus’s entry into Pisces. But I am a color girl, so what gives? There is a strong, vital beauty in the stark muted hues. Black, gray, and white are more than enough to transport the viewer to the higher realms. Saturn brings simplicity and form to the ethereal pastel sensibility inherent in Venus in Pisces.

When Saturn transited my natal Venus, I was not expecting love. Rather, I anticipated lack of love. What transpired was a love unlike any other, with depth, soul, and endurance.

Saturn will be forming an exact square to Venus on Friday. Bring your creative visions into form. Imagine Divine love into being…


image credits:, public domain

23 thoughts on “Saturn Square Venus in Pisces – Bare Bones Bliss

  1. Love the engravings of these paintings Linda.. and as the Signs often show us.. the middle one is Named Beatrice… You posted this on the 27th.. on the 28th my Aunt named Beatrice passed to spirit.. Sending you Love.. and I hope Venus’s energy brings love and Bliss into your own sphere dear Linda..
    Love to you
    Sue xox


    1. What an amazing synchrony about Beatrice. So many choices we make can facilitate infinite ripples in the pond. My condolences on your loss.

      please you enjoyed the artwork. I am such a fan now, thanks to A fantastic site!


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  2. Thanks for the intro to Gustave Dore, Linda! I love those pieces. They are definitely bristling with energy. They all seem like potent doorways. It is hard to look at them and not find yourself with the feeling you’re in a deeper, far richer experience than originally anticipated…


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  4. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie

    I’m a color person too…until I see fantastic black and white images!!! The two weeks of love are the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day…during which time I’ll be posting my hearty/arty doodles πŸ™‚

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    1. thanks for stopping by. if I could be compensated well enough to just observe art every day, I would.I require Art and Wikiart are organized in such a way to give art lovers a window into eternity creativity-wise.

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  5. Our synchronicity astonishes me. As I will be reading Dante’s Inferno for my myth class a dear friend wanted to send me a book of these Gustave Dore pieces and just shared them with me, I had seen them before, this was just last week. Also just recently I also got upset my film idea’s from 10 years ago were made into a film, I suppose if I am not making films it has to happen. lol I always wanted to make the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella, “Ashputtle.” although they still call it Cinderella, that is what they have done. They have done it quite well as I envisioned it. lol I too realized long ago that ideas come to many of us and some act on them. ❀

    Namaste & Love Sister

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    1. yes. We must be 2 versions of the same person, lol! I was not familiar with Gustave Dore. That is so cool how you saw theme last week. Could I be telepathically getting ideas from you? The wikiart site is a revelation to me, so many great artists are now on my radar. It is funny too about the film. In my case was I in my late teens I think when I got the idea, so I was too young to be actually making films ( no iphones then!) I think I was pissed mostly that my idea was not original. I was happy to see my idea manifest. Glad my idea to blog was not original so that millions of us can do what we love. xoxo Linda

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      1. I have more on this discussion…. I have to head to school in the dismal rain. lol But when I get back, and I will go to FB and forward you the Gustave Dore link I was sent. My friend wants to send me the book if they locate its whereabouts.

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  6. Thanks for the heads up Linda. We will be traveling on Friday and my first assessment of Saturn squared anything is to say: “Doesn’t sound promising.” However, you have shared something very remarkable from your own experience which has helped me open my mind and heart to the potential for a positive, even creative, outcome.

    I am partial to the first drawing — Ascent to the Fifth Circle. Memories of prior initiations, which we are indeed going through right now. Blessings and love to you My Dear, Alia

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    1. Hi Deb,
      I can see your point. I am a color fanatic but, there is such dimension when color is stripped. Like watching Casablanca and other b&w classics, or a bleak snowy day where the occasional red bird provides contrast. love, that’s a whole nother post , hehe

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