March is Mosaic Month

I made this up. I don’t know which month is Mosaic month. Perhaps I could petition the committee who decides such matters. I just want to share some mosaics with you! The unity consciousness in art theme cannot be complete without allowing the mosaics to have their very own post. There is something so organic about this technique. My trip to Italy really solidified my passion for all things tile. Enjoy the variety and splendor before you:


wikipedia ditto



I had to leave the zodiac piece for last..

Enjoy your weekend and make time for artistry. It can bring some color to the bland and some dazzle to the drab.

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image credits: images 1-3;, public domain 
header image and images 4-8;, public domain

11 thoughts on “March is Mosaic Month

    1. Thanks Sue. Mosaics are special to me and I was in heaven while visiting Italy – mosaic heaven! Such challenging times we are in, but we are connected through Grace. xoxoxo Linda


  1. Hey Linda — You’ve got my vote for March being Mosaic Month. And if the “board” won’t let you have March, I’ll let you have May, because it’s my birthday month so I should have some say there, right? Anyway, thanks for adding such beauty to my morning here in Arkansas, where the sun is at last trying to warm up this charming little art and healing town that we have landed in before returning to Morocco next month. Blessings and love, Alia

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      1. Taurus — but only my Sun is in that sign. My rising sign is Cancer, Moon sign is Libra and my Mercury is in Gemini. So not a typical Taurus but I definitely get “dug in” at times and I do love my home. (That could be Cancer and Libra too.) Love and hugs, Alia

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      2. Mercury in Gemini, great for blogging and Moon in LIbra, compelled to find harmony and peace. So on point for you. I can get dug in too ( Scorp Sun Aquarius Rising) but my moon in Gemini smooths some of that tendency over a bit 🙂

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