Venus Conjunct Moon in Gemini ~ Expressions of Spring

Today Venus gently embraces my moon in Gemini. I woke up this morning in a good mood ( no small feat lately) and was greeted by some great news on my computer. This vibe followed me as I met with my Spiritual Director and ran some errands today. There were some snags and I still find myself quite easily irritated.

However, I accomplished all my small goals for the day and was able to stay out for several hours without noticeable fatigue. I was also pleasantly surprised by some symbols; I discovered a lovely peacock decorated welcome mat for my home and was greeted by my college magazine dotted with owls on the cover.


Additionally I noticed numerous magnolia trees, sparrows, and assorted natural delights during my travels. Spring has sprung in the Delaware Valley and I am taking in the sweetness of glimmering greens and persistent purples!
Photo595 (1)
I am also poised to share some Bach, my favorite classical composer, with you today. I opted for Concerto #5 because 5 is a Mercury number and this blog today is a celebration of Gemini:

behold Bach.

3 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Moon in Gemini ~ Expressions of Spring

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    So glad you had a nice day. Lovely photographs! I too love Bach. I will look forward to listening to this. I hope you can have more and more good days while less and less fatigue.

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