Art is My Medicine ~ May Day Edition

” Oh baby, when I see your face, mellow as the month of May..”

Carole King understood why the Earth, did indeed, move for her. Because she was in love and it reminded her of May. As the spring green leaves shimmy and shake while the birds chirp in the background, I concur: Spring is groovin’ and this is awesome.

As I continue to heal, I rely more and more on “natural” healing agents, such as ginger, cinnamon, tumeric, love in all forms, and art.

What do the following pieces have in common? They all have the word May in the title.

Heal thyself, heal the world.




image credits:, public domain

14 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ May Day Edition

    1. Where has cinnamon been all my life? While drinking barrels of apple juice for weeks, adding cinnamon gave it some zip. Now I am incorporating some into my daily diet. It is so healthy and yummy. xoxoxo


    1. Thank you for your kindness and the blog referral. Although the posts are from 2011, I followed the blog anyway, the art is THAT GOOD!! I was in Neptune and very blissed out. 😉


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