It’s A Small World Update

In light of the recent events in Paris and other locales, I am reblogging this post on A Small World. Over a birthday dinner with my family, my mother began discussing our favorite Disney ride . Thinking about my dreams as a child while surrounded by my young nieces, I imagined a better future. One of unity, love, equality, and peace. Let’s create it together.

litebeing chronicles

Before Mercury goes direct, I want to re-post an old piece I did on the 1964 World’s Fair. The theme was international connection and the role technology plays in our global village. On this past Sunday’s CBS Morning news program, the focus was on how many of our past ideas about the future did not pan out. They featured The Jetsons and the 1964 World’s Fair. It was a fascinating show and I want to share some of it with you. So please enjoy my Small World post ( with updated photos!) and some links to Sunday’s broadcast:

But first, have some retro future fun and check this out!

By Anthony Montemurro (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Wanna know why I am an international woman? Read on…. I was going to write about our inter-connected international world today. Then I discovered it’s International Women’s Day.  How perfect!

The story begins at the 1964 World’s Fair in…

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7 thoughts on “It’s A Small World Update

  1. Oh yes, it is such a small world. I love to observe since quite a while how similar subjects pop-up in different blogs. For example, there was a time when many blogged about the loss of the self-image, then a time when many blogged about multiple timelines , and a time when many write about overwhelm,and how to react.
    This post is almost spooky in its synchronicity. Hariod at mentioned this song in a comment on this month’s post .
    The song was needed for calming down after a roller coaster ride.

    When I read this, I thought , what a great advice , to calm oneself down with this song. And now it comes up again here.

    It all goes to show that we are powered and pulsed by the same source. We are the divine puppets.


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    1. Hi Karin,
      Thank you for leading me, yet again, to a fascinating reference. This time it was the video in Hariod’s post. It was extra extra spooky because it was the Paris Disneyland version, bringing Paris into the mix. I was quite surprised also as I do not see he and I as particularly coalescing on many things. That’s what makes this even cooler.

      I know the timelines pattern was at least partially driven by my time machine challenge, but perhaps you noticed it on other blogs who were not participating. In fact, you led me to a few places where timelines were being discussed. Forgive me, I am tired so I am a bit slow on the uptake 🙂

      Patterns abound. I used to marvel at the patterns chosen by WP on the Posts I Like grid. The symmetry is apparent in the colors and patterns. Take a look on my sidebar and you will see it.

      I do have a problem with the puppet symbolism though. Are you jesting or do you really see us as that powerless? Maybe that’s a discussion for another time, but I have seen you use that phrase before.

      I am curious though to hear your thoughts. Even if we disagree, I respect you and your thought process. Tolerance and respect could make this planet Earth thing a while lot more pleasant. And even smaller 😉

      hugs back, Linda

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      1. Oh, wow, the symmetry in the Post I Like grid on your page is really cool! I wonder whether that is synchronicity, or does WP have a mechanism to select what is displayed?
        The puppet symbolism:
        The phrase “we are the divine puppets” was said by Tony Parsons. He woke up from the illusion of the separate self. I liked this phrase a lot. After I read it, I immediately had an image in my mind of a giant invisible puppeteer with many arms and a puppet on each arm. And I still think that is how this all works.

        About seeing us as powerless or regarding the question of free will which is associated with this:
        I have read a refinement of the puppeteer model in the Raj material somewhere (channeled by Paul Tuttle, . In the beginning of the process, the puppets are attached with loose strings with much slack to the arms of the puppeteer. The slack of the strings represents the free will. As the puppets awaken to their divine source, the strings become shorter and shorter. That means, initially, exercising free will, to have it my own way, will not result in much trouble. But later on the path, when my string is shorter, an exercise of my own free will results in a jerkier experience.
        And that is what I experience onthe spiritual journey. When I was younger, I had much free will. But now, I have very little chance to exercise free will. When God tells me to take a right turn now, and I say that I’d rather take a left turn, the consequences are much more dire now than they were earlier. I wrote about this in the post On God’s Short Leash.
        The spiritual journey is coming into alignment with the direction given by the invisible puppeteer (Source). It is about finding the direction first, and then complying/yielding.


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      2. Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful explanations and theories. I have a better understanding now of your perspective. I have heard of puppet or meat puppet a few times, but you have used it repeatedly so I had to find out more. To play Devil’s advocate, I would say I felt like I had less free will when younger and living under my parent’s roof and more freedom as an adult. Lately it is a free for all, as I feel both liberated and trapped simultaneously. Not easy to describe or make sense of, I know.

        Excellent lesson, Dr. Karin 😉

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      3. I agree , there was less freedom for me , too, when I was younger. Back then, freedom was restrained by society’s rules.
        At about age 30, the felt freedom reached a maximum for me. And now it is getting restrained by God’s rules,
        (e.g.. Keep calm – and post more often 😉 )


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    1. Hi Sue,
      I could say it is a pattern that periodically we all notice that we write about similar topics other than holiday or seasonal standards that would seem more typical. I like how a variety of styles have surfaced on how to approach writing about peace. We are all individual snowflakes falling in unison as part of a snowfall.

      love you back ❤


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