Musings ~ Aquarius is coming, thank you (insert Deity here)!

I wrote this exactly 2 years ago to the day. How can it be that we are already heading into Aquarius? Let’s welcome the lighter, zanier energy of Uranus.

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Can I tell you how thrilled I am that the sun is changing over to Aquarius at 10:51 PM Eastern time?  Well I guess I can, because the blogging gods(esses) asked me to write today. The sun was out and despite the frigid temperatures, I felt some relief. I am not anti- Capricorn and we are still in my 12th house for a while, but I need some respite from Saturn. Yeah I know Saturn is the original ruler of Aquarius but this Aquarius rising has had enough of Saturn’s coldness lately. Even with the Pluto/Uranus square in play, I am ready for the zing and zap of Uranus and the altruism and ego transcendence of the ” Shift”.  This is not an ” Expert” article today. This is about amazing Aquarius art, emotion, nostalgia, and iconic music.

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I grew up in the 1960s ( yeah I know) and I knew…

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5 thoughts on “Musings ~ Aquarius is coming, thank you (insert Deity here)!

  1. Amen, Linda, and happy Aqua Rising new year (or very very soon!). And yup, Saturn can be a bit of a bee-yotch. We’ll have more than enough planetary representation in Capricorn, so it’s faboo that the Sun is moving to higher ground. 🙂 xoxo Love, Jamie

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    1. Not until February 5th but we are getting there 🙂 I already feel a slight bounce with the Aquarius sun and Mercury square Uranus. I have mixed feelings about Saturn. Faboo is faboo. Can I borrow this word?

      love, Linda


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