Re-introduce Yourself to Gaia ~ Earth Day 2016


I agree with my friend Sue Dreamwalker, Earth Day ought to be every Day. I wanted to create an original post, but am not really up to the task. So I came upon a solution while exploring some old material.

I am definitely more in love with Gaia than ever before. As I have become more awake, my appreciation has grown by leaps and bounds. Viewing Grounded was a revelation to me, so I am posting it again for my new readers. This film opened me up to new possibilities regarding the mystery of this magnificent planet.


During this intense full moon ( highlighting Taurus and Scorpio) and retro cycle ( Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury soon to follow) why not re-introduce yourself to our planet? Follow your inner guidance and discover how you can become more connected to nature. You’ll know what to do and where to go.

Listen for her call …. public domain

Let’s make Earth Day everyday!


Kalanchoe image via, public domain

18 thoughts on “Re-introduce Yourself to Gaia ~ Earth Day 2016

  1. I look forward to watching this movie, Linda. Thanks for sharing! And happy belated Earth Day! What a wonderful Mother we all share… She is full of gifts and harmonies… Perpetually flowering… The perfect healer…


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    1. What a poetic comment Michael. I would not expect anything less. Do try to catch the film. It makes quite fascinating points about our capacity to join with Earth for our survival and ultimate healing. Quite a wonder to behold.

      peace, Linda

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  2. Happy Earth Day!
    And thank you for sharing the documentary – I had not seen it before. Hope you are having a lovely day, Linda. Here the weather was beautiful and I was able to do a really long run in the countryside. The air smelled so lovely of all the earth scents…



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    1. Thanks Monika, same to you. I had been ill again, but do feel better today. Maybe the post Scorp moon has reduced some of the intensity for me. I bet you are loving this season with your Taurus moon. It is cloudy today but these past few weeks have been so incredibly beautiful here, with scents, sights, and sounds.Glad you liked the film. I posted a while ago, via a reblog on High Density Blog.

      peace and hugs, Linda

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  3. Hi Linda,
    How are you, at last I had half an hour to catch up with your posts.. before I call it a day.. I have been in the allotment digging out weeds and grass today.. That I wanted to clear to create a bit more room.. Along with pruning the fruit bushes.. So a bit sore tonight..
    I have to thank you for the introduction to the film Grounded.. I have been passing it along ever since and Everyone should view it..
    Thank you for the Link back to my Post.. I had totally forgotten it was Earth’s Day until I looked in my Diary .. Time is flying by..
    And I am off to Scotland next Thursday for a break for a week.. 🙂 and wouldn’t you know the weather is turning colder so I may well get to take pictures in the snow :-)..
    Ok Time to work my way backwards as per normal LOL 🙂
    Big Hugs xxx

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Your reblog gave me the idea of my post and I was so enchanted with the film. I think Amanda turned me on to it. So glad you are getting away. Has it been a while since you took a trip? I was supposed to go to Scotland once, but it did not work out. Have a great time. ❤ Linda

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  4. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that today is Earth day. Maybe that was the reason I mowed our small meadow today where the weeds were almost up to my knee already. It was the first time this year that I mowed. And then I find out it is Earth day.

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