If We Were Having Coffee Right Now…

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If we were having coffee right now, I would be in my element. We would be undoubtedly in a coffee-house, sitting by a window so we could observe the sunset. I would ask you if I should watch Sabrina on TCM or the last full night of the Olympics? Then I would wonder if my coffee has Brazilian beans. I might ask ” Have you been to Rio? It is on my Bucket list. Something about the view from the Christ the Redeemer Statue sets my heart on fire in a way that is simply beyond the scope of words.”

But I digress…

 Then I would remember I prefer espresso and have no idea how it is made. I just love the smooth, slightly sweet flavor. Did I tell them soy milk? Yeah , it has that slightly sour soy tang, no worries.

I would ask you about your week , hoping to get caught up in your story. Hoping you will not get around to asking me about my week. My mind would then wander a bit, but eventually I would immerse myself in your tale of intrigue, humor, or ordinary awesomeness. After-all, we are friends and your company is plenty for me. Absolutely fine company, that you are.

Later on, after we had a second cup or more, I may inquire if you were aware of the healing aspects of coffee? If not, I may mention this article I read about all the ways coffee can restore wellness and prevent disease. If all my “addictions” were good for you, wow! A girl can dream, right.

I am already imagining the unique, intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted beans, one of my favorite smells ever. Can you smell it too? Are you glad I invited you out for coffee? Your conversation helped me forget my IBS troubles, the insufferable heat wave, and all the drama at work. It did help me remember the magic of the simple pleasures of time on Earth ~ such as sunsets, setting the DVR for Olympics and TCM, the proliferation of coffeehouse culture, our glorious friendship, and my love for blogging.

Oh, one last detail ~ I would declare with glee
” This is my 500th post! WordPress just told me so, woohoo!”



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26 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee Right Now…

    1. Hi Sweetie,
      It is a pleasure to include you in my virtual family. The 500 posts came up very quickly , without notice, just like life sometimes. You are sooo welcome and it is my pleasure to share my journey here with you.

      xx Linda


    1. I am so happy we got to share a dinner together which lives on eternally. Went to the same place on Saturday with my family and I pointed out the booth we all gathered in as we were seated in the same room.

      Life has been relentless lately, but I feel like I am moving forward in some ways.

      love and hugs, Linda

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  1. It’s bedtime here so I had to pass on the coffee but thanks for the decaf tea. I enjoyed watching the Olympics and felt a bit sad when they ended, although the paralympics are coming up. I was stoked when Australia topped the medal tally on the first day. Knew it wouldn’t last but it did feel great!
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


  2. And now, I shall invite you here, for coffee – I would ask if you were allergic to nuts, because I love my Pine Nut small-batch roasted coffee, from a small company in northern New Mexico, who has grown enough to be deemed worthy of their product being carried at the Costco I visit quarterly to buy those few household items best bought in bulk sizes. I would hope you would say yes, and I would proudly show you how much I love my induction top percolater – and how very much better my coffee has been tasting since getting rid of ye olde regular coffee maker –

    Then, I would stir in a little cream, skimmed from the top of my 1/2 gallon allotment received each week, from my milk share, that has those wonderful properties to ease your tummy (unless you are lactose intolerant, in which case, I have coconut milk or almond milk…)

    And once fixed to your satisfaction, I would say, “Do you know what our phone conversation last winter kicked off for me? A whole new world – and I’m busy creating it just the way I wish to – and soon, will have so many new pieces in place, I’ll be ready to start sharing it with my community – so much of the back-of-the-scenes work done – some few more clean-up operations of old world left to do –

    But I’m happier, every day, even while I struggle more with impatience over old stuff that is in control of others, that I must still navigate before freeing myself of it, for good –

    And I would say, “Thank you so much for inviting me for coffee – I had such a lovely time, I wanted to return the favor – so, who’s butt do I need to go kick? To get your world in better order?” – – LOL

    Hang in there best as you can, and congrats on your 500th post!! Woot-Woot!

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    1. Hi TamrahJo,

      Nice to hear from you. I am not allergic to nuts and would like this special blend, minus the cow’s milk. Almond milk would be lovely. I am so pleased to hear your life is taking off since your reading and am curious now about the details, but patiently I will wait.

      Coffee and tea have such history and ritual attached to them and are wonderful accompaniments to a fine conversation between friends.

      I am feeling lighter today and am hoping this week will be smoother to navigate. WordPress offered up a nice reward for my posting after a few weeks of non-activity. It was the type of surprise that I relish.

      Keep up the good work and continue to shine.

      hugs, Linda

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  3. Thank you Linda for that aromatic cup of coffee my friend and I too would have told you I had stayed up late on many evening watching the Olympics.. and congratulating GB on their medal table.. As I congratulate you now for your 500ths Post.. Well Done YOU..
    Love and Hugs my friend
    Sue ❤

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      1. I am sure that the energy generated in good will, encouragement and positive power could only have helped the Unity Consciousness Linda.. I was so proud of all GB’s achievements 🙂 Hope you are having a good week too xxx

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  4. Dearest Linda I loved our coffee time and telling you all about my adventures moving home… into the unknown, loving my husband as my reflection… AND how I love coffee occasionally, café con leche… I also mention how everything soja is being found to be a no-no and how almond or coco milk is delicious. Love to you, enjoy the last day of the olympics… Barbara x

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    1. Hi Barbara, I like cafe con leche also. I had it in a Cuban restaurant and it was yummy. So glad you enjoyed our virtual coffee time. I actually have not coffee in weeks, choosing chai when I go out. But there is something very primal for me about coffee and while my tummy may not always agree, my soul is quite attuned to coffee culture and the regions where it is harvested.

      blessings, Linda

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