Jupiter in Scorpio ~ Impossible Things are Happening Everyday

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Hey litees,

When I first began this draft, in October 2017, I was inspired by the miraculous combo of Jupiter and Pluto creating, voila!, Jupiter in Scorpio. As I reread the title, my inner snark is saying ” Look at the daily headlines, yeah the impossible is possible, lol! ”

I must admit I was quite eager for this transit to begin. Jupiter would be embracing my Scorpio stellium and amping up my health, attitude, and ability to shine. Well, maybe I will feel some of that as it retrogrades back to reach my stellium again, because it sure didn’t happen the first go round. It did expand my horizons and help me grow as a teacher and, ahem, public speaker, but fortune was fleeting as was any trace of exuberance.



I always enjoyed a good fairy tale, and my latent victim persona was smitten with Cinderella. I was the family scapegoat and wished for a fairy godmother to rescue me from my inner dungeon. But as an adult, I realize that I have to be my own rescuer and savior and conjure up the inner fire in order to ignite the flames of intention. No transit will save you from your darkest hour. It is about flow, alignment, practice, and self-love.

Today I am not really feeling it. So why am I writing about Jupiter in Scorpio then? Maybe because I rather focus on Jupiter than Chiron’s ingress into Aries,  the imminent Pluto/ Mars conjunction in Capricorn or the recent Pluto and Saturn retrogrades or the fact that vans keep driving into crowds and children are being massacred or the seasons are “acting out of character” or how exhausted I feel when I realize so much of this reality is beyond my capacity to comprehend, yet alone, master.

Besides, I accumulated all these lovely Jupiter images and I would hate for them to go to waste! The beginning of this transit began with the Harvey Weinstein fiasco that triggered the #MeToo movement. Jupiter and Pluto can result in sexual power plays that manifest as harassment, manipulation, or abuse. And yet, the transformation often appears as exposure, empowerment and justice.

(I am amazed that I was able to talk myself down from the metaphorical ledge just by typing some characters on an old laptop. I guess that’s when grace arrives…. )

This is the thing about Scorpio: the tidal waves can be experienced as exhilarating or annihilating.

Or both.

In a parallel reality. Whitney, my Pisces rising princess, is still alive and not a drug addict and is exuding magic with every note in every breath. Where little girls do not need a fairyanything to get out of toxic family systems. And they certainly do not need some man on a horse to marry them and take them to their kingdom. They can be anything they want to be and enjoy men as partners, not enslavers or exploiters or predators. In this reality we see these exaggerated archetypes displayed 24/7 as projections of our still unhealed parts. Perhaps the miracle of these times will exist in the interplay of innocence and bravery. Mars, after all, is the original ruler of Scorpio.



imagery courtesy of wikipedia.org, public domain

7 thoughts on “Jupiter in Scorpio ~ Impossible Things are Happening Everyday

  1. More and more transparency and disclosure is helping humanity awaken… as Earth cycles through higher vibrations near our galactic centre… galactic sun… so I imagine we are now under the influence of so much more! It sure is a time of everything coming up, memories trapped in the body since the beginning of time… for us to observe, understand that it is not who we are and released. We, body mind and spirit, cannot vibrate higher if our body is full of low density vibration. AND then we have all our aspects on multiple universes coming back home to this body… preparing for embodied enlightenment… e.g. Cinderella who hopes her fairy grandmother will come and save her! I know this character well and like yourself is now back home and knows she can take care of herself.

    Love your post, it is what it is… it’s inspired me greatly, Thankyou. Much love linda x

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    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for such an eloquent comment. I look to you as one who consistently and accurately describes the energetic activities and how we are intertwined with them. As a child I wanted to be Cinderella and embody the enchantment. Now I rather embody the fairy godmother and help heal mySelf and our planetary family.

      love, Linda

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