Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019


I spent  this Earth Day at Longwood Gardens. Earth is heart and the heart is breaking a little more each year. Let’s use our hearts more and love Gaia as a child loves a protective, nurturing, life-sustaining mother.

Happy Earth Day fellow earthlings and Be-ings!

litebeing chronicles

I adore Bill Maher and borrowed his tagline from last night’s New Rules segment as the title for this post. I do not think that Earth is not already great, but I do think it urgently needs extreme nurturing and collective respect. Sometimes a catchy slogan makes a difference. It did in the US presidential campaign.

While Bill’s rant is a bit satirical, he is a passionate environmentalist who often features activist scientists on his show. Check out this video and leave me your comments below:

Happy Earth Day!

image credits ~ litebeing chronicles © 2017

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5 thoughts on “Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019

    1. Thanks Sweetie,
      Oh yes, quantum time. I experience it with more frequency lately. Do you?
      . Did you read the intense one yet? It will be moved to private in a few days.

      love to you,
      LInda ❤

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      1. Yes to Quantum time – i keep capitalizing it for reasons unknown to me, or the computer does and i leave it. Anywho! Yes to post, your feelings are still intense? Did you call? My very best regards…. I believe it will always work out, one way or another, however it is meant to be when one is willing to commit to that unknown. Places can also be very special… very. Maybe meditating at such a place might contribute to a deeper understanding for what its communicating to you. Aloha ~ my dear!

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  1. The Earth is so loving and supportive of us, we seldom realize. We surely take her for granted, she who creates the space for our physical embodiment, who modulates form to accommodate our ignorance, and sustains our well-being season after season. It’s an important remembrance, Linda. Thank you…

    With Love

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    1. Hi Michael, what a lovely tribute to our lovely Gaia, who provides us with such bounty and has endured for millennia. I always appreciate your support and your visits here.

      love and peace to you,

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