Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019

Here is the version I meant to publish, but you can never have enough tributes to Gaia!

I adore Bill Maher and borrowed his tagline from last night’s New Rules segment as the title for this post. I do not think that Earth is not already great, but I do think it urgently needs extreme nurturing and collective respect. Sometimes a catchy slogan makes a difference. It did in the US presidential campaign.

While Bill’s rant is a bit satirical, he is a passionate environmentalist who often features activist scientists on his show. Check out this video and leave me your comments below:

Happy Earth Day!

image credits ~ litebeing chronicles Ā© 2019

18 thoughts on “Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019

  1. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Disregard the 2017 in this reblog and apply it to the present. Earth is heart and the heart is breaking a little more each year. Let’s use our hearts more and love Gaia as a child loves a protective, nurturing, life-sustaining mother.

    Happy Earth Day fellow earthlings and Be-ings!


  2. Hey Dewin,
    Still catching up on my correspondence here at WP. I think I note some sarcasm as the current US administration is all about greed and ego. However, our planet wants to flourish and survive and I hope it can do so with all life forms intact as well.

    Namaste šŸ™‚

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    1. Hey Linda,

      There’s never need to rush replies (especially for me who is unfortunately notoriously slow in catching up), and particularly when your personal needs and health take priority. On which note, I trust all is well and improving.

      There may have been a little sarcasm, yes, but the sentiment and underlying message in my comment is sincere. The foundation of America was built on belief and faith and to whatever glorious end that must prevail in the hearts and minds of the people. Survive and flourish are key words to consider and act upon when we contemplate this one beautiful planet and our purposeful intention to restore it to its former glory.

      I’ve promised myself a silver US dollar inscribed with the head of Mercury at some point this year (perhaps for my birthday), the inscription which reads ‘In God We Trust’. One hopes the silver winged messenger imprinted on that coin from 1943 will be listened to by the American people, and more specifically, listened to by the US administration. Not sure if his message was heard 74 years ago…perhaps he may be heard now. One hopes so for all of our sakes.

      We do not want any further deaths, just universal Peace, Love and Harmony, and the freedom to live without fear alongside each other on this one beautiful planet called Earth.

      Hoping you are looking after yourself and enjoying the hazy lazy crazy early days of summer, due to begin officially in the northern hemisphere on June 21st 2017.

      Take care in all ways always.

      Namaste šŸ™‚


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  3. I’m sorry but the best part of that piece for me was the Budweiser hit. hehehe Well, except his insistence that we overhaul this planet rather than spending billions of dollars exploring Mars. Good one, Bill! Hope you don’t mind, but I’m posting this to my FB page. Thanks, Linda!


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  4. This was hilarious — and soo, sooo true! Humor often makes the cold, hard facts palatable. Thanks for sharing, Linda and yes, it is time for us to put our collective attention toward stewarding our HOME planet. Let’s make every day — Earth Day.

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  5. Hey LInda,

    Happy Earth Day! I know you’ll be celebrating in reverence of Gaia.

    Thank you for the video clip. I admire his satire and sentiment. I trust his message, our message, will be wholeheartedly supported by the current American administration. The people have faith, ‘in God we trust’, let’s hope that that is the same god in whom they trust as well…and not the godless god of money.

    Indeed, make Earth great again!

    Namaste šŸ™‚


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