Purple Forever

Here is my tribute to Prince, re published on the 1 year anniversary of his passing. As I write this, I witness another otter ( muskrat, groundhog, ??) sighting. He or she was too fast for me to capture photographically. Still cool to receive some awesome creature magick.

I want to use this opportunity to briefly editorialize on the evolution of my blogging, which is very apropos for a Mercury retro cycle. Initially I thought I would write a few posts about my spiritual journey, as an English student would for a teacher. My grades would be in the form of readers and comments. At least that is how it appears looking back. 2013 was an exciting and mysterious time for me and many others. My writing flourished here, and I grew as a result, both creatively and personally.

As my health began to deteriorate and my finances followed suit, my writing grew both more dark and more intimate. I let you in and shared more of my deepest fears and complicated musings. The polished writer facade became more flawed and exposed.

Please be open to every aspect of my writing and try not to draw any sweeping conclusions. Existence is about context and my blog reflects that context over the dimensions of space and time. Creative types are often both tortured and brilliant simultaneously. Please enjoy my Prince post as you contemplate that paradox.

much love, Linda litebeing

litebeing chronicles


I was preparing to buy groceries when the news came in. Prince is gone at age 57. Think tender and brash, shy and overtly sexual. Think 1999, Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, Money Don’t Matter Tonight etc. Β Just Tuesday afternoon while I was driving to a medical appointment, Purple Rain came on the radio. I have not heard it in quite some time. I became very emotional and was surprised by my reaction. Could I have been sent a message foreshadowing this event? Quite likely.

I learned today that he also had an emergency visit to the hospital on 4-14-16 and was also released on 4-15-16.

But I am here and he is not.

wikipedia.org pub domain

I do not have the energy to write a complete post. He had a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, and Scorpio Rising. His chart aligns…

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11 thoughts on “Purple Forever

  1. We all evolve Linda.. and I remember this post.. We are compelled to write what we are inspired to write.. And we go with the flow… Keep going within that flow Linda. Where ever it may take you my friend..
    Love and always my best wishes to you along with my Blessings

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    1. Glad you understand Sue. I am not writing to seek approval or validation or agreement. I write because I have to, and this is a blessing. I want to learn how to create these emojis. Any hints?

      love, Linda

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      1. Just take each day as it comes.. Do what YOU enjoy doing Linda.. and worry not about everyone else.. One day at a time, small steps, nurturing your needs.. but enjoying all that you do.. And when you feel like doing nothing.. then do nothing..
        I had a really funny tiring sort of day yesterday.. I did not sleep well the night before.. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong.. I just felt drained and depleted ..
        So I took myself off to bed in the afternoon after lunch.. had two hours solid sleep.. After dinner/teatime.. I felt the same.. So I was in bed at 7pm.. Got up at 9 pm did a little bloging for an hour and slept all night..
        Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies.. I needed rest.. Today I feel fine..
        So listen to your inner guidance.. And you will be fine.. ❀ Much love Linda and do take care of YOU..

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      2. Hi Sue, I push myself less because my body demands more of me. I do my best to answer its call. This is a form of self- love with translate into cosmic love ❀


  2. Thanks for sharing that.
    I can relate as my view on why I am blogging is shifting, too. Initially, I was wondering why the heck I was pushed to share on WP. There is so much written stuff out there already about the spiritual journey. Why did I need to add to that? First, I guessed that maybe it is about learning to ho through the fear of being vulnerable.
    Now I think maybe finding connections here imight be the whole point of it.

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  3. I’m not sure, exactly, of anything, but it does seem that whenever I’m pulled to write – it is always from a soul-tug – for good or ill – fond memories or sweeping disappointment over the vagaries of LIFE happening – πŸ™‚ I sometimes wonder if those who are drawn to create, must simply release the energy they absorb by being open to the world around them – both the aspects they like and the ones that ain’t as pleasant – πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Tamrah Jo and Happy Memorial Day to you. Sometimes I miss replying to some comments and with reblogs it gets confusing sometimes to catch up. I really appreciate your response here. You do seem to get my point and that feels good to me.

      I sometimes wonder if those who are drawn to create, must simply release the energy they absorb by being open to the world around them – both the aspects they like and the ones that ain’t as pleasant.

      I really like this quote and agree with you.

      peace always, Linda

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