Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019


I spent  this Earth Day at Longwood Gardens. Earth is heart and the heart is breaking a little more each year. Let’s use our hearts more and love Gaia as a child loves a protective, nurturing, life-sustaining mother.

Happy Earth Day fellow earthlings and Be-ings!

Make Earth Great Again ~ Earth Day 2019


I spent  this Earth Day at Longwood Gardens. Earth is heart and the heart is breaking a little more each year. Let’s use our hearts more and love Gaia as a child loves a protective, nurturing, life-sustaining mother.

Happy Earth Day fellow earthlings and Be-ings!

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I adore Bill Maher and borrowed his tagline from last night’s New Rules segment as the title for this post. I do not think that Earth is not already great, but I do think it urgently needs extreme nurturing and collective respect. Sometimes a catchy slogan makes a difference. It did in the US presidential campaign.

While Bill’s rant is a bit satirical, he is a passionate environmentalist who often features activist scientists on his show. Check out this video and leave me your comments below:

Happy Earth Day!

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Share Your World ~ Litebeing Style

Lately I’ve either been re-blogging or writing about blogging, but not actually doing much writing. I have plenty to say, but my ideas need more time to take shape. So when I happened upon Cee’s blog and the Share Your World feature ( thanks Leigh), I thought ” this will ease me back into the swing of things.” This weekly prompt is a way to share more of yourself, like an award post without the awards.

While it is a trifle off theme, I will answer the questions with playfulness, honesty and a twinkle of inspiration.

So here we go:

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? It depends. If I know you well or get good vibes, yeah. If I really dig you, you will get an awesome hug, no matter my mood. If I don’t know you or am not close to you and I am in a pissy mood, stay away! I can be either very affectionate or cold as ice. Scorpio Sun ( intense) , Aquarius Rising ( detached) , moon in 4th house ( moody) – need I say more?

What are your favorite toppings on pizza?

Pepperoni_pizza (1)

There is nothing ethereal about this, but I adore pizza! I have blogged about it a few times like here and here. I have several favorite toppings: Hawaiian pizza (canadian bacon and pineapple), anchovy and black olive, sausage and mushroom, or white spinach pie ( spinach, ricotta and garlic).

Since I cannot stomach mozzarella cheese too well anymore, I rarely eat pizza, except for the occasional tomato pie or frozen soy cheese version. But more places are cropping up with non dairy cheese, so I am hopeful that my pizza days are far from over.

If you were the original designer of one existing corporate logo, which one would you select?

At first, I had no clue so I went to Google to look at some images. pub domain

I chose the Olympics logo because it contains colorful interlocking circles. The Olympics always make me smile. I love what they symbolize and this logo points to what we can be as a planetary society. This is my version of the new world order, where we live as  peaceful citizens of the world who embrace unity and diversity with excitement and possibility.

Complete this sentence:  Where I can seek my solace is… 

Deep within myself or in the heart of nature. Of course when Dexter was around, he was my walking, talking teddy bear. Beloved old songs or a favorite book or film will also do the trick.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week: crescent rolls, laughing with my nieces, cold pumpkin pie for breakfast, waking up earlier each morning without an alarm.

This week: making more social plans, a job interview, wearing my new jasper earrings: pub domain

I treated myself to a birthday gift at the Windfall Gallery today. This is a special place with such positive energy. It has been around forever and I just discovered it about a year ago.  An example of magic hiding in plain sight!  I decided to be led to the right item. I set an intention to look for my animal totems.  I saw Owl on one of the shelves, so I knew I would be guided well. I chose olive green and rust colored hanging earrings and was told they are made of Jasper. Jasper is quite old and is used for grounding. It is called the nurturing stone. This will be very helpful indeed. I am always grateful when life offers me pleasant surprises and validates my intentions. I did not know about Jasper, but it knew about me!

Thank you Cee for launching this platform. May your week be filled with laughter, nurturing, pizza and plenty of peace.


image credits:, public domain

Grateful for Gratitude

I rather be grateful for gratitude than cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, or would I?

Humor is one of the many things I am grateful for today. I have received plenty of wonderful suggestions and resources recently in response to my appeal for help. Resuming my gratitude practice was one of the ideas that rang true for me. In light of the fact that I have to deal with a very scary and upsetting conflict this week, I am jumping back to gratitude with abandon, using this platform as a way to document my notice of what brings me joy and peace.

Please continue to think of me and walk with me through the storm, now more than ever, so that I feel less alone and more grounded in love.

So as a nod to David Letterman’s final days on late night television, I have created a Top Ten List:


Photo72810 Awesome images from my neighborhood.






longwood1620159 Awesome images from my recent trip to Longwood Gardens. 

8 Finally learning how to wrap images around text!

7 Birds aplenty ~ singing in the morning, chillin’ on the grass nearby, and surveying the terrace for birdseed and a glimpse of Dexter ( and myself.)

The color green

5 Recent discovery of dark chocolate sauce that goes with just about everything

4 I was on the Washington DC to New York City bound Amtrak train in November, but not on Tuesday.

3 My odd, sarcastic sense of humor

2 Seeing my sense of humor and irony reflected back to me while watching David Letterman on TV off and on over the course of 33 ( yes 33) years.

And the Top Thing I am Grateful For:

1 Being led to the teachings of Matt Kahn. Where have you been all my life? The messages that arise from Matt are provocative, reassuring, and utter nourishment for the soul. Visit him here and decide for yourself. A few noticeable synchronicities occurred for me while watching 2 of his videos. They added another layer to my awareness that his particular style is a good fit for where I am in my development. Thank you to Barbara for introducing me to this amazing teacher that has given me a sense of hope and a new way to see my Self.



PS I am not planning a Mercury retrograde post, but if you want the real lowdown, check out Mike Lutin’s site here.