Film Review ~ Time is Art

Time is Art: Synchronicity and the Collective Dream

This documentary, directed by Katy Walker Mejia and Joel Mejia and written by Jennifer Palmer and Katy Walker Mejia, tells of one woman’s journey of a life-altering experience when she is “summoned” to her aunt’s deathbed.  This event shifts the main character’s path dramatically. She transforms from a secular worldview to a heightened spiritual awareness via a series of mysterious synchronous happenings.

This film is relatable and accessible for anyone interested in the spiritual path. I enjoyed the visual feel of the piece, as well as interviews with a diverse mix of healers and thought leaders. I  found the cinematography stunningly beautiful and very dreamlike in presentation.  Jose Arguelles and Carl Jung are often cited in interesting and novel ways. Telepathy is described as distant empathy and may be behind many synchronicities. It is also an alternative explanation that deserves consideration.

I particular liked this theme: Time is Money vs Time is Art: The film suggests that the planet will evolve significantly when time is measured not by salary or what we charge, but by what we create. Imagine a world where we are rewarded for being the creators we truly are.

There is a sequel on the horizon so I would certainly view the initial project now! I had my own synchronicity while viewing the film. I recall a vivid dream the night before about Native American spirituality that connects with a key ayahuasca sequence. Once this epiphany emerged, I laughed inwardly with a peaceful knowingness.  This realization demonstrated yet again how potent synchronicities can be!

Please see the film and let me know what you think! Visit this link to access the film for rent or purchase and this link for more Time is Art events.  You are in for a real treat!

4 thoughts on “Film Review ~ Time is Art

  1. Oh for the day when we see that which we create within our minds manifests into our reality..
    And I love that when we are open to the signs, just how those synchronicities start to happen.. 😀
    And so pleased you had an epiphany of your dream while watching the film… Love it when the pieces click.. and we smile inwardly with that inner knowing.. Priceless moments.. I have had many such moments.. Even to the point I wake up and look at the clock knowing it will show a certain number sequence.. and there it is….<3 Much love my friend

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    1. Films like this illustrate so vividly what is possible. My synchs , well some of them anyway, have taken an odd turn, such as reading a title in my reader and then seeing the exact same word on my FB timeline or seeing an ad on tv and seeing that image online simultaneously. These synchs don’t seem to offer a message per se, but they point to how this world in not random, in a instantaneous manifestation of “colliding thoughts of images.”

      love, Linda

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